The Virtual Assistant industry is a growing one. More and more people are seeing the value of both being a VA and working with one. And that growth inevitably brings a demand for more VAs and the services they provide. Clients want what you’re selling and they want to buy.

But that same growth can also bring a certain amount of complacency within a VA business. It’s easy to think of your services as a one-time-set kind of deal. After all, clients will always have a need for help with administrative tasks, right – so why change it if it isn’t broken? 

Thinking this way though can be a huge mistake for your VA business and your ability to grow. Here’s why.

Are you selling what your clients want?

A lot of time is initially spent researching competitors and peers when we first start out. This often means we created packages and services based on what others were offering. And that’s not a bad thing – as there was (and often, still is), a need for those things. But our clients also come to us because of the things that make us different – and if we’re copying what others do, we’re skipping the best part of your business.

But this question also has another side to it. It’s not just our uniqueness our clients want, it’s someone to cater to their differences too. So what makes your clients different? Whether it’s the use of unique software or specialist knowledge related to their industry, there are other needs and wants they may have, that you’re currently not providing.

Think outside of the box for new ideas

Be prepared to think outside the box and evolve as necessary. What your clients want, as well as the needs of business generally, will often evolve and change over time. The services you may have started out providing may not be the best or only ones to move you forward. 

You may have begun your career as a VA, but evolved over time into a more specialised niche or market. As your skills have grown, you may have gained new experiences or achieved new qualifications that, on the surface, don’t match your existing client base. But you won’t know, if you don’t step outside the box and take a look at your options or brainstorm new solutions. I’m a big advocate of carrying out a regular review of your business, for this very reason. It gives you a chance to assess what you’ve achieved and more importantly, where you’re headed – as well as what new and unique solutions you can provide for your clients.  

Always be listening and asking your clients what they want

The key to always providing what your clients wants, is to listen to what they’re saying. Actively go out there and ask. Use polls and surveys to find out. Implement regular review and feedback sessions with your existing clients, so you can ask if you’re covering everything they need or if there’s anything you can do to improve. 

Use your social media platforms, online forums and keyword research, to pay attention to what’s being talked about and requested. Take notice of what frustrations are shared on group business boards, and see if there’s anything you can gain from those potential future clients.

The virtual assistant industry is a growing one and that’s a good thing. It gives a chance to grow with it. But ultimately, your business will achieve the biggest growth, if you actively listen and engage with your clients on a regular basis. Only then can you truly ensure you’re getting ideas and creating tailored services based around what your clients want to buy. 

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