You want to start your VA business on the right foot, you also want it to do well. So, like any other new business owner out there, you look around and find someone who’s already doing what you want to do and try to emulate them, right? It’s not that you want to BE them, but you want what they have – success and money, so you copy what they’re doing, their mannerisms, their general business structure etc. You’re working hard, pushing yourself forward and trying to fit your business into this ‘successful’ formula…

Trying and pushing doesn’t work!

The problem you inevitably end up facing though, is it’s not YOUR successful formula. All of that pushing and trying is an indicator of that.

You need to stop pushing and trying so hard, actually take your foot of the pedal for a while and give yourself the time and space to find the formula that works for YOU.

You need to be you

The secret formula for your success is you! YOU are what makes your business unique. You may have similar skills to other VAs, but you also have skills, talents, mannerisms and attitudes that are different – and it’s this combination that makes you, you.

Find what naturally works for you

If you’re looking for a business that’s naturally successful, look to drop the pushing and trying and opt instead, for natural flow. What comes easy to you? What do you love doing? What type of clients would you work with for free, if you needed to – simply because you get a buzz from working with them?

Focus on giving value – instead of worrying about how you look

When you work with your natural gifts and talents, along with those things you love doing, you can offer your clients authenticity, integrity and true value. You can focus on creating products and services that are based on these – meaning your focus is firmly on giving value to clients, instead of worrying about how you look, how you’re coming across and trying to fit yourself into a mould that was never meant for you in the first place.

When you focus on giving value, you’re going above and beyond ‘the norm’. You’re giving your clients your very best; something that will stay with them and something they will want to share with others – meaning you don’t have worry about ‘the competition’, as you’ll have your own raving fan base.

I know we’re not the only VA training site online. I also know though, by focusing on what we’re good at, we can provide our VAs with what they need – both during and after training and graduation. As one graduate VA recently stated: “The coach and mentor is selfless with her willingness to support, even after graduation. You can tap into extra coaching/mentoring to suit where you are in your business…. It feels like a family. You don’t just pay the money, do the training, graduate and that’s it.”

Get additional support

And that leads me to my final point – don’t try and do it alone. Starting your own VA business can seem daunting, especially when you start comparing yourself to those who are already out there, doing what you want to do. Instead of worrying about the competition, get someone who’s already doing it, to give you the help and support you need!

Either hire yourself a VA mentor or take a course that uses the wealth of experience already gleaned from other VAs – such as our ‘VA Mastery Course.’ You’ll benefit from the experience and knowledge within the course, but it will enable you to create your own success formula – without forcing yourself to become a pale imitation of someone else.

Are you ready to create the success formula for YOUR own VA business? Our ‘VA Mastery’ course starts at £997 You’ll receive everything you need, to set up and launch in 12 weeks or less, and of course, valuable online support, via our private (and active!) Facebook group. 

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