The new term is fast approaching. Whether your child is going to be starting a new school or moving up a year, they will inevitably experience a period of reflection, uncertainty, excitement and apprehension, as they realise the holidays are ending and the academic term is starting.

But with the children going back to school after the summer break, it means you can get focused on your work and the subsequent push to the end of this year – making it the perfect time to review your goals!

Before you get stuck back into your usual post-holiday, post-keeping-the-children-occupied work routine, take the time to give your goals an overhaul. Not only will it give you focus for the rest of this year, it also serves as a way to check what you’ve already achieved and ensures you still have the same desires. So, here’s a simple process for you to implement and review your business goals.

Take time to acknowledge your successes

We can get so focused on moving forward, we don’t take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the things we’ve already achieved this year. Set some time aside to reflect on your year so far, writing down everything you’ve achieved – and really appreciating those work accomplishments.

Do you still want what you’re aiming for?

Now take a look at the goals that are still outstanding on your to-do list and ask yourself – Do I still want to achieve them? Are they still important to me?

What needs to go & what needs to be added?

If there’s any on your to-do list that aren’t inspiring you or are no longer relevant, cross them off your list. In the same vein, are there things that have become important to you, goals that now need to be added to your list?

What adjustments do you need to make?

Are there any that need amending or altering in any way? Do you need to increase or decrease timescales? Do you need to make any adjustments to those on your list?

What do you need to step up to – and what do you need to step away from?

This can be a good question to ask yourself, as it gives you the choice, without any judgement, to decide whether you need to step up your game or stop limiting behaviour. Stepping up can include anything from embracing new technology or social media platform, to being more confident and assertive. Stepping away, on the other hand, can include limiting your time on Facebook or the amount of TV you watch, right through to stepping away from the proverbial shadows.

Who do you need to be, in order to reach your end of year goals?

This is another good question to ask – as again, it gives you the chance to change your thoughts and actions, without having to judge or criticise yourself first.

This simple process not only reviews your goals, it gives you a chance to review your behaviours, patterns and habits too – ensuring you’re headed for what you truly want AND are in the right mindset to achieve it, by the end of the year!

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