If you’re looking to become a Virtual Assistant this self-study VA Mastery Course is the course you need. Why? For three important reasons. Firstly, VACT graduates added an extra £3,224 onto their turnover, compared to VAs without any training and earned £2,104 more than those with the next training company.* Secondly, it’s created by a company that’s won best VA Training Provider in the UK, for the last 4 years. And finally, it’s an in-depth DIY VA training course designed especially for VAs who want an awesome VA business! 

What exactly is the VA Mastery Course?

The new VA Mastery Course covers all of the important things you need to get you up and running. From business strategy, and tools and technology, through to client management and marketing. Delivered through a combination of webinars, worksheets, reading materials and sample documents, this course is practical, hands-on and comprehensive. 

It’s designed to be printed off and used throughout your VA business. You work through each of the modules in order and your completed modules then serve as a guide to recap on your knowledge, as well as reminding you of what’s what. By completing each of the modules, you’ll also have the strategy and resources you need in place, to ensure you’re on track and moving forward to grow your VA business, your way.

Once you’ve completed the VA Mastery Course you’ll have a valuable resource – your own VA Knowledge Business Bible. This is a working document that will not only remind you of what you know and where you’re headed, it will also grow and adapt with your business, for years to come.

What are the 6 modules within the VA Mastery Course?

The 6 modules within the VA Mastery Course are as follows:

Who you are 

This covers everything from setting the right goals for your business, through to understanding your skills and values. One area a lot of new VAs struggle with is confidence – so we also look at that in this module.

Serious stuff

Next we move onto the important legalities of business, as well as the financial aspects you need to consider and implement. During this module you’ll also work to create your own business plan, so you can map out exactly how you want your business to work for you.

Your ideal clients 

We then take a deep dive into working out who you want to work with. You cannot effectively run a VA business, if you don’t know what services you could offer your ideal clients – so you’ll also look at that during this module.

Working with clients 

Once you know who you want to work with, you then need to look at how to work with them – and that’s what this module is all about. You’ll look at how to track your time, communicate with your clients and ask for testimonials – and of course, you will also be creating all the forms you need, to do this effectively.

Marketing your VA business 

If you want your VA business to grow, you need to market it. That’s why you’ll take a deep dive into marketing during this module. You’ll get clear on what materials you need to create, as well as the different areas of marketing you need to focus on – including website, blogging, social media and networking. You’ll also look at how case studies and newsletters can help you grow your business.

Build and grow 

This final module  gets you thinking about the systems and processes you need in business. It also helps you work out what will happen once your business has grown – when you need to review your business plan and how you can grow further, with the use of Associates.

What does the course look like inside?

You can check out thee 6 big reasons why you should invest in training.

Once you gain access to this self-study VA course, you’ll find the course is set out logically and simply. Along the top of your screen you’ll find the visual progress bar. On the right hand side of the course home page, you’ll find your navigation side bar, whilst all of the course modules are shown on the main part of the page. 

front page of the VA Mastery Course

Once you’ve clicked through to the modules, you’ll see your module navigation bar on the left, with that all important visual progress bar showing across the top of your screen. You’ll then find that module’s content on the main part of the page – with any downloadable resources along the bottom.

inside the VA Mastery Course

Important extras, bonuses and pricing

I know that course pricing is a factor for many new VAs. That’s why you’ll find payment options on all levels of the VA Mastery Course, as well as two available enhanced options for this self-study course.  The course starts from £996 inc VAT, but our most popular version is the VA Master Course Enhanced Version which is priced at £1197 inc VAT and enables you to have a 60-minute strategy call with an award-winning VA trainer and mentor, as well as access to the legal templates you’ll need for your VA business. 

All course options include 12 months access to our monthly training webinars and live peer coaching calls, a Facebook private support group that serves as an active and supportive community for VAs and 12 months past access to training webinars (over 100 hours of additional training). You’ll also get individual module feedback on your work (if submitted within 12 months) and a discount to the popular 2 day Master Your VA Business Workshop – that’s run at several locations in the south of England several times a year. 

You can pay in full, over 3 months, over 6 months, or over 12 months – click through to the sales page for the various payment options.

The course has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office and is equivalent to 120 CPD hours.

In summary

The VA Mastery Course gives you everything you need to get started, without any additional fluff. It’s designed in such a way that it not only gives you the knowledge you need, it also ensures you carry out the work to implement that knowledge – something that other courses neglect to do. 

If you want to get a VA business up and running, you need a simple process to follow, and this course gives you that. But it’s not just about getting a VA business up and running, it’s about having a business that’s built around your needs and wants – and this course will do that. 

It isn’t just about following a blueprint for the ‘perfect’ VA business. It’s about getting a business blueprint that suits you – your skills and expertise, the people you want to work with, and that suits your personality, values and individuality.

If you want a VA business that’s going to work for you and need help making that happen, The VA Mastery Course is going to be your best option. Not only is it reasonably priced, it covers everything you need – packaged in a neat, simple and logical way – and delivered by an award-winning, industry expert. Head on over to the main sales page, to find out more and to select the payment option that most suits you.  I would check out these testimonials from recent graduates about their success. 

* Source UK Virtual Assistant Survey v9 and hyperlinked to the Society of Virtual Assistants website (https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk)