With the advent of online businesses, we all have the ability to work with clients from all over the world. The problem is though, we don’t necessarily want to be online and available 24 hours a day, to factor in the different time zones of our different clients!


This is where a call handling service comes in handy. You pay a call handling service to answer your calls for you and, if you use a company such as allday PA (the call handling company I recommend and have subsequently partnered with), that includes 24 hour call answering that is based in the UK. Depending on the package you choose, you have the option to pay per call or per minute. So, with no long-term contract and no monthly management fees, it makes for an ideal, affordable AND flexible solution.

Hiring a call handling service to answer your phone can have some huge benefits to both your sanity and your VA business. The most common benefits are explained below.

Solves a common fear

Let’s face it, we all hate it when our phone calls aren’t answered and leaving an answering machine message is something we often avoid doing. Your clients are no different – and an unanswered phone can lead to them going straight to your competitors.

Extend your office hours

Having the ability to get your calls answered 24 hours a day is essential if you have overseas clients. With differing time zones, it enables them to make phone calls during THEIR working hours, whilst its night time here and you’re tucked up in bed.

Never miss a call

There will be times when you’re not available to answer your phone, it’s inevitable. A call handling service can ensure you never miss a call – whether you’re in a meeting, on holiday, out of the office or have just slipped away from your phone and/or desk.

Reassure your callers

When you call an office you want the reassurance of always having someone at the other end of the line. It not only provides evidence of an efficient, professional business, it’s a great way to ascertain what type of business you are dealing with, as the way the phone is answered and you are greeted, is a good indication of the type and level of service you’re likely to receive.

Saves you time and money

Finally, the financial implications of hiring a call handling service will be so much smaller than that of hiring an assistant or receptionist. You’re only paying for what you use and if you use allday PA, you’ll not have to worry about the added expense of out-of-office-hours phone calls either!

No matter what size your business, allday PA has the right package for you! Offering bespoke greetings and scripting, offering custom packages as well as per minute or per call packages, you will get a bespoke, cost-effect and professional service. Click here to learn more about alldayPA and make sure you never miss a call again!