Overwhelm is a big thing, when you first start your new VA business. Before you get started, it’s understandable that you’ll want to work out the financial impact of going it alone. You’ll crunch the numbers, work out how many clients you need, along with how many hours you need to work, in order to make it work.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your new VA business goals

However, working out the numbers often quickly leads to overwhelm. It’s great to have that overview of what you’re aiming towards, in terms of figures and clients etc, but it’s easy to start drowning in the to-do list of things you need to be doing, in order to start your new VA business.

Firstly there’s the set-up steps needed to set your business up (such as deciding on a name, registering with HMRC/Companies House, ensuring you have the software you need etc). Then there’s the marketing and sales aspects of putting yourself out there and attracting new clients (setting up a website and social media profiles etc). But then you have to ensure you know how many clients you need, in order to be financially viable etc, so you need to start tracking things…

It’s easy to forget there’s only one thing you really need, to start your new VA business – you need just one client.

It takes just one client, to start your new VA business

How many clients do you need to start your new VA businessThat initial first client is the starting block of any new VA business. Not only does it boost your confidence, it proves that you can get a client! It shows that there are people out there who need the services you’re offering and, if you get that first client, you’ll be able to get more.

It’s that one client that signifies the start of everything. There’s the potential for a great testimonial or review, the opportunity to learn, grow and expand your business experience and knowledge, as well as a chance for you to show yourself and someone else, how well you can serve them.

Focus on what you’re able to control at this moment in time

You may need a certain amount of clients to make your business financially viable. There may be a need to reach a financial threshold by a certain date, but if you focus on those things, you’ll get overwhelmed.

Instead, look to focus on giving that first client the best of you. Focus on giving as much value as you can, so you do the best job possible and look to become an awesome VA.

Then spend the rest of your time building relationships and networking with other VAs and potential clients. How you choose to spend your time is totally within your control and it helps to prevent new VA business overwhelm! Expand your connections and spend time nurturing those relationships. These connections are going to be what you grow your business on. They’re how you get yourself known by other VAs and business contacts – and they’re how you’re going to attract more new clients, to join that first valuable one.

Your new VA business only need that one client to kick-start the process, so that first client is crucial to your confidence and business. It’s a great idea to have some kind of mentoring or support in place, whilst you start your new VA business – so why not check out our one-to-one mentoring option? You’ll find details of it here.