Learn how to effectively promote your lead magnet with ease

A lead magnet is a crucial part of your overall business growth strategy. Not only does it help you build a mailing list of targeted potential customers, it also enables you to showcase your expertise. In last week’s blog we covered what was needed, to create an effective lead magnet for your business. But creating a lead magnet is only part of the equation. If you want to use it to attract the right audience, you need to effectively promote it. Here’s my advice on how to effectively promote your lead magnet.

Start with promoting your lead magnet on your website:

The first stop for lead magnet promotion has to be your own website. Look to strategically include it everywhere. One slightly controversial way to do this is with popups. Whether you love them or loathe them, an exit popup and/or slide in banner is a great way to convert casual website visitors to your list.

Regardless of how you feel about pop-ups, there are other options for you to utilise your website. These include:

  • Create a dedicated landing page for your lead magnet
  • Promote your lead magnet in your sidebar
  • Add it to your website footer
  • Remember to add it to your resources page
  • Add a promotional image (and link) to your thank you pages
  • Remind email subscribers where they can get it – and how they can share it (using the shareable links on your optin page 😉)
  • Refer to it in your blogs – and link the reference back to your optin page

How to effectively promote your lead magnetMove onto social media:

Social media gives you a prime opportunity to advertise your lead magnet. This isn’t about spamming your followers and friends though – if it’s done tastefully and strategically, it can be an effective use of your social media platforms.

Some options include capturing the attention of your general connections, whilst others (such as advertising), require a more targeted approach. Here’s some ideas you can try:

  • Update your social media banners and headers to highlight your lead magnet – and link back to your optin page
  • Create promotional graphics for social media
  • Share snippets from your lead magnet as status updates or create quote graphics from them
  • Run an advertising campaign on Facebook
  • Promote it in Facebook and LinkedIn groups – but make sure you’re being mindful of their sharing and promotional rules
  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile media section
  • Pin it on Pinterest!

Additional ways to promote your lead magnet:

Here’s some additional ideas for you to try. Some of these utilise things you’re already doing (such as handing out business cards at networking events). Others though, require a little extra work – but can pay dividends in the long run:

  • Write blog posts that relate to your lead magnet
  • Write guest blog posts and have your lead magnet opt-in page URL as part of your author bio
  • Add the URL link for your lead magnet opt-in page to your business cards (or opt for a QR code instead)
  • Create an infographic of the main points from your lead magnet and link back to the original lead magnet
  • Create videos related to your lead magnet or create a video version of your lead magnet.
  • Offer it to other complementary businesses as a bonus for their programs and products.
  • Add a link to your email signature.

Your lead magnet isn’t a once done scenario. It, like your other marketing materials, needs to be publicised and promoted, if you want to get the best results from it. By consistently following the ideas above, you’ll ensure your lead magnet is working effectively for you in the background, whilst you continue to focus on the other areas of growing and establishing your business.

What are your thoughts on today’s blog? Did one idea in particular, stand out for you? Maybe you have another idea that could be added to the list above? Why not share your thoughts on today’s blog, along with your additional ideas, in the comments box below.

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