This week I am delighted to introduce you to Phoebe Scaife of Ruby Moon.

Headshot Phoebe Scaife I started my business in 2018 while I was on maternity leave. Previous to this, I worked in London for nearly 12 years. I have always loved what I do but also wanted the flexibility to be there for our two boys. Being able to have the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients has been incredible while being there for my family at the same time. My previous employment was in healthcare which, although stressful, was interesting and highly rewarding. Using my past experience, I have combined two of my passions, being a PA and Health, by assisting businesses that support healthy living. Most of my clients work in this area and are predominantly female business owners with established businesses.

What or who inspired you to become a Virtual Assistant?

I heard about VAs through an article I read around five years before I started my business. I loved the idea, but the time was not right. When I had my son, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to take the leap while I was on maternity leave.

How did you go about establishing your business?

I had no idea where to begin, so I arranged a meeting with a local career coach who pointed me in the direction of a brilliant networking group. I went to my first meeting with just an idea and no business which was scary, but I am so glad I did. I met some fantastic people who were welcoming and happy to answer any questions I had. A few weeks later, I found the VACT website and following a chat with Amanda, I signed up to her VA Mastery Course. The course was fantastic and was just what I needed to set up my business and build my confidence.

Did you have any savings or financial support in order to start your business?

I had my maternity leave income and £1,000 in savings.

Was there ever a point when you thought it wouldn’t work out?

I have been through times when I thought it wouldn’t work or where I lacked confidence. I suffer from anxiety and depression which affects how I feel but I have a fantastic support network. When I feel it isn’t working, I look back at how far I have come and what I have achieved. This really helps to give me the boost I need.

What support did you have around you to set up your VA business (family and friends, Coach or Mentor)?

I have a very supportive husband and family who have supported me along the way. Amanda has also been incredible with her encouragement and support throughout.

If you could go back and change one thing that you did when starting out, what would that be?

Believe in me more and know that I can do this

What is your best advice for someone who is just starting out or someone who is considering becoming a Virtual Assistant?

Write down your values and boundaries and always keep them in mind.

How would you describe the good, the bad and ugly of being a Virtual Assistant?

On the good days enjoy I try to every minute and make a note of those days to refer back to on the bad days. On the ugly days, I go for a run which really helps to reset my mind.

What is the best business book you’ve read and how did it impact you and your business?

I must admit I am not a great reader, but the best business book I have is the Suzanne Dibble GDPR for Dummies.

How do you stay on top of your own professional development?

Until recently, I have not been great at professional development. I am now finding the areas I would like to focus on more and starting to focus on my development in these areas which I am loving. I have now set out a plan to achieve the next goals.

What do you love to do when youre not working?

I love to run, and this is a big part of my life. You will also find me in the garden, normally with the boys, no matter what the weather.

Tell us one thing you can tell us about you that not many people know?

I am fascinated by volcanos and have visited over 5 active volcanoes

What does the future hold for your business?

The past few months several of my clients have slowed with work which has given me the opportunity to focus on my goals. I am doing a course on sales funnels which I am using to support a client with. This will be an area I would like to expand on for my clients and possibly my own business too.

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