This blog is a slightly different format to normal, but is as a result of conversations I have been having with new Virtual Assistants (and experienced ones) about their own self confidence. 

So today, I share with you 19 self-confidence tips to try. 

  1. Self-confidence comes from within. It really has nothing to do with what others think or say about you. But is has everything to do with what you think of yourself. Make sure what you think about yourself is not skewed by the words you think you have heard others use to describe you!
  2. Accept your achievements. Being humble and thankful is one thing but denying your achievements or thinking of them as a mistake is self-defeating. Learn to accept and even revel in your achievements.  No matter how big or small they are.
  3. Do not confuse feelings and facts. Feelings are fleeting and they will change. Just because you feel unworthy does not mean that you are unworthy. Keep things in perspective and remind yourself that this feeling will pass.
  4. Thinking positive thoughts is great but you must also act on them. Actions make them real and give them more staying power. Think positive. Act positive.
  5. Be aware of your self-talk. The minute you are aware of a negative thought. Replace it with something positive. Do this throughout the day. Thinking positively will soon become a habit you can keep for a lifetime.
  6. Accept your weakness and focus on your strengths. Perfection does not serve anyone.
  7. Journal your thoughts. Analyse them to determine if your limitations are real or imagined.
  8. The more goals you achieve, the more you train your brain to align itself with success.
  9. Remember, failure does not define you. It simply means something did not work. Shrug it off and try again.  You could think of it as an experience that will help you move forwards or do things in a different way next time.
  10.  Surround yourself with confident, happy people. Mimic their actions until you feel it deep in your soul.
  11. Prepare yourself. Consider what is the worst that can happen. Imagine how you will manage it. Now that you have envisioned the worst and know how to manage it, you can focus on doing your best. Now reverse that and think about what some of the best things are that could happen, if you allowed yourself to try and believe.
  12. Looking your best elevates your self-esteem.
  13. Empty generic affirmations do not help. For affirmations to work well, they must be believable and do-able. Affirmations should be positive, true facts about you. There has to be something in the affirmation that you believe.
  14. Build your self-esteem on facts. Identify your proven strengths and competencies. Gather the evidence or proof. Use the proof to bolster your self-esteem and confidence level.  This is where I encourage you to have a Victory Book to capture your testimonials, thank you, inspirational quotes etc.
  15. Demonstrate your strengths and abilities by joining related groups and teams. Practice and focus on your strengths as much as possible. This helps you build a solid foundation of success and strengthens your body of “proof.”  One of the things we do in the VA Membership is share what we plan to do each week and then come back and share how we got on – not only is the accountability great for momentum but also reminds us to celebrate the wins.
  16. Learn to tolerate or accept positive feedback. Your ability to accept positive comments is important. Simply reply with, “Thank you.” When you allow the positive in and outwardly react to feedback positively, you build self-esteem
  17. Allow yourself to feel pride, satisfaction, pleasure, related to your talents, skills, characteristics, accomplishments, etc. When you allow yourself to believe positive, proof-based things about yourself, you nourish your self-esteem.
  18. Self-confidence based on a belief in your competence, ability to learn and solve problems, as well as your self-worth. Nurture these three areas by developing each one and learning to believe in yourself.
  19. Confidence is your belief in your ability to succeed. It is often a result of experiencing multiple successes. It is important to find balance in this area. Too much can result in unwise, risky choices. Too little can prevent you from trying.

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