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  • 7 reasons to let go of comparisonitis

    In case you needed convincing of the downsides to comparing yourself to others, here’s 7 other reasons why you need to let go of comparisonitis.  Comparisonitis is a potentially deadly habit, one that can kill your business and your confidence. When you stop comparing yourself you will be genuinely happy, you really need to master […]


  • FOMO in business is real – here’s how to avoid falling foul to it

    FOMO in business is real - here's how to avoid falling foul to it

    There’s a big learning curve to go through when you first start a business and this can make you ripe for FOMO (or fear of missing out). There are things you need to initially invest in, to get up and running. And it’s only natural that you’ll also want to ensure you’re stretching your finances […]