In case you needed convincing of the downsides to comparing yourself to others, here’s 7 other reasons why you need to let go of comparisonitis.  Comparisonitis is a potentially deadly habit, one that can kill your business and your confidence. When you stop comparing yourself you will be genuinely happy, you really need to master your mindset if you are looking for success. 

It’s easy to look around at what others are doing and compare their achievements to yours, in fact it’s human nature. However, it can become a deadly habit for you and your business, if you’re using those achievement yardsticks as a measure for how important you and your business are. If it’s starting to affect your confidence and your productivity, it’s time to let it go.

#1: It’s not a fair fight

Comparisonitis is rigged from the start. You’re comparing yourself to someone else in your niche, without having all the facts. You don’t know how long they’ve been in business or where they even are, on their entrepreneurial journey – you may just be starting out in business, but comparing yourself to someone else’s start, middle or end – I promise you is very dangerous.

#2: It distracts you from what’s important

If you want your business to grow, you want to be focusing on what you need to implement, in order to make that happen. What’s on your to-do list? What strategies do you have in place? What products and services can you provide? This is where your attention needs to be. Take action on your priorities.

#3: Warning! You’re on a downward spiral

Another reason to drop comparisonitis is it’s a portal to an emotionally charged downward spiral. Before you know it, you’re thinking you’re not good enough, getting overwhelmed by how many hours you think you’ll need to work, in order to get ahead, and berating yourself and your life – because obviously, their life is better than yours…  So if you see people constantly sharing their success in Facebook groups – tune out to those posts, those same individuals won’t share their failures.

#4: You’re limiting your potential

Comparing yourself to others will either lead you to try and play catch-up, or not even bother getting out the business starting blocks. Your ability to imagine and visualise your potential future will be marred, by an out-of-control mind monkey, freely sprinkling shoulda, woulda, coulda and I wish, all over the place – leading to indecisiveness and inaction on your part.

#5: Comparisonitis is a fear in disguise

That mind monkey currently running riot in your head is going to aggravate your fears and worries. Because, let’s face it, comparisonitis is really a fear in disguise. It’s a convenient way to avoid stepping into the unknown and doing what makes us uncomfortable.

#6: Don’t be a cheap imitation – you’re an original

You’re unique and it’s your uniqueness that makes you attractive to your clients. You could try and emulate those people you’re comparing yourself to, but you’ll end up being just a cheap knock-off – and people want the real thing.

So be you – you’re awesome!

But the problem with comparisonitis, is you currently don’t feel that awesomeness.

The only way you’re going to feel unique and awesome, is to be you for long enough, that you remember how great you are. Please don’t fake it til you make it – thats just eurgh!  Instead “act as if” – start to believe in yourself.  When you have verisimilitude it does not mean you have to lie or be fake (and I’m certainly not recommending you do those things either), but I am recommending that you amplify the talents and skills you already have. It’s about seeing your potential and acting as if you already totally own it.

#7: Get focused on what’s important

What’s the one thing you need, if you want to actually have a successful business?  If you’re so busy comparing yourself to your ‘competition’, you’re not focusing on the lifeblood of your business – your clients! Make it a personal mission to know your ideal client, as the more you know your clients, the more likely you are to connect with them and the more likely they are to want to work with you.  I also believe it’s critical to play the long game and not the short game.  When you focus on your own long game – you don’t waste time or energy worrying what anyone else is doing.

Would you like some help to stop comparing yourself to others

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