There comes a time when you just know, you can’t do it all on your own. It’s time to hand over some of your workload to a Virtual Assistant. But how do you know when you’ve reached that stage? Here’s 10 signs that you’re ready to invest in a Virtual Assistant. If you are a Virtual Assistant reading this, think about how you can use these points / phrases to highlight to potential clients that they ought to start working with you. These signs are actually phrases I have heard people use to describe how they are feeling about their life and their business.

#1: You aren’t getting to the end of your to-do list any time soon

We all know there’s always something that needs doing in business, but when you look at your to-do list, you know it’s something you’re not going to clear on your own or any time soon.

#2: There’s certain tasks that get moved, month after month…

Mundane but crucial tasks, such as accounts and website updates are on your list, but never get a look in. Instead, you end up just moving them every month.

#3: Tasks are popping up like weeds

For each task you finish, there’s at least two that take its place. You feel like you’re constantly fighting a fire, rather than putting it out.

#4: Just thinking about your inbox is raising your stress levels

Emails are piling up in your inbox. You may have a chance to glance at them, but there’s several that still need actioning or commenting on, and the idea of having a clear inbox is an incredibly appealing one.

#5: You’re working more hours than you ever thought you’d have to

Working for yourself means picking your own working pattern – only you never picked this pattern for yourself. Finding yourself working 10-hour days or 7-day weeks was never your intention, but you’re having to do that, just to keep up.

#6: Time out is a distant memory

You can’t remember the last time you a) took a holiday and b) had a day off. And as for memories – you vaguely remember how it felt to totally switch off from work…

#7: Your work life is now impacting on your personal life

Not only are your working hours merging into your personal life, you are backing out of family commitments, just to keep up with work. This is making you feel guilty, both at the lack of time you spend with your family and the fact that when you are with family, you’re still thinking about everything that needs doing at work.

#8: There’s tasks that need doing, that you don’t have the skill or desire to do

Certain things in business really need specialist input and what those tasks are, revolves around the skills you have (or don’t) have. If you’re not a techy person, those tasks will be your website, launch funnels etc and, if social media isn’t your forte – that’s another. Sometimes we know how to do these tasks but, in terms of our overall desire to do them, we’d rather go to the dentist or wash the car…

#9: Social media is taking over your life

If you’re finding yourself spending 2 hours or more a day, on your social media accounts, it’s time you took a step back. Losing 2 hours a day from your business day is a bad time habit you really can’t afford to maintain, without getting in extra help.

#10: You just want to do what you’re good at!

We decide to start our own businesses, because we’re good at what we do and we love doing it. There will inevitably, be tasks that are necessary to the smooth running of our business, but that doesn’t mean we must do those tasks ourselves. If you’re looking to grow your business and increase efficiency, you need to look at passing those tasks onto a Virtual Assistant.


What other signs do you think are a good indicator that someone needs to outsource to a Virtual Assistant? Why not leave your top indicators, in the comments box below!

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