We all run our lives by a set of beliefs. These beliefs are based on how we see the world around us and what we think about it. For example: It’s a dog eat dog world and a hard day’s work etc. Much of the time however, we don’t actually know where we picked up these beliefs! This is particularly true for Virtual Assistants.

Beliefs act like filters on our view of the world, so we only see things that relate to our beliefs – so if we believe work is hard, we’ll see all work as hard – and if it’s too easy, that will feel wrong. This is why it’s so important to change those negative or limiting beliefs we have and replace them with more empowering ones.

So how can you stop limiting your beliefs and start believing in yourself more?

#1: Stop running on autopilot

Start by acknowledging your thoughts. So much of our mind-set is being run on autopilot, so start listening to the terminology you?re using. Listen for those statements that are filtering your world and be aware of those limiting ones.

#2: Question your views

Ask yourself if the belief is helping or hindering you. When you find a limiting belief, question it. Why do you feel that way? How did you get it? Can you remember the first time you thought it? Whose voice is saying the belief (it could be a person in authority from your past, such as your parents or your teachers).

#3: Evaluate your results

Step back and look at it from a detached viewpoint. Don’t judge or criticise yourself, just evaluate the answers you have to those questions. If it was an authority person speaking the belief, how much do you trust that person? Have they ever been wrong?

#4: Be selective

Decide which beliefs you want to continue having – and which ones don’t sit right for you. Be selective over the thoughts you have and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

#5: Stretch your comfort zone

Do something every day that stretches your comfort zone. If it feels terrifying to you, look to push yourself through it. Once you’ve stretched that comfort zone, it won’t ever go back- so stretch it!

#6: Adapt and learn

Test your beliefs and yourself. Learn to take that step back and evaluate things from a detached viewpoint. Adapt your beliefs and yourself, dependant on your conclusions and findings.

#7: Move forward

Always keep moving forward. If you need to pick a new belief, change it. If it helps, use affirmations to cement in that new belief and don’t get so side-tracked over your beliefs, that you end up standing still. Keep your end goal in mind and keep going!

What strategies do you use to change your beliefs? How do you keep pushing yourself forward, even if you find the thought scary? Why not share your strategies and tips for changing your beliefs, in the comments box below?