Core Values of a Virtual Assistant

  • A Q&A on ethics in business

    A company can only grow on honesty and strong ethics in business. This is what pushes your business growth steadily upward and in alignment with your core beliefs and ethics. Admittedly, there are some that seem to grow without these ethics in place, but they will only burn bright briefly, before crashing and burning, once […]


  • To share or not to share on social media?

    to share or not to share on social media

    I recently read an interesting post on the top things not to share on social media (you can find the original article here) and it got me thinking. How many of us are guilty of posting or sharing things that, on reflection, were better left unshared or unsaid? So, I popped a link into our […]


  • Reconnect in with your motivation and passion

    motivation and passion

    If you want to succeed in business, you need to have two things – motivation and passion. They complement each other and yet, one without the other is also pointless. You need to know what your passion is, if you want to stay motivated to achieve something, and you also need to know what your […]


  • Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation in business


    It’s easy to set goals for your business. You look for something you want to achieve or have, and then you do something to make it happen. Right? Well, no. We need to have two essential things in place, in order to give us the impetus to achieve – we need desire and motivation. Desire, […]


  • 10 easy steps to improve your positivity and confidence as a VA

    Confidence is something we all have in ourselves, but often as a Virtual Assistant, we limit it to things we can measure – with grades given from past staff appraisals, awards and generally other people’s input, as we don’t want to appear ‘big headed’ or conceited. But you can learn to have more trust and confidence […]