Confidence is something we all have in ourselves, but often as a Virtual Assistant, we limit it to things we can measure – with grades given from past staff appraisals, awards and generally other people’s input, as we don’t want to appear ‘big headed’ or conceited. But you can learn to have more trust and confidence in yourself, without worrying how others will view it, if you yourself, learn to improve how you view yourself, your abilities and life generally – as a Virtual Assistant here are ten steps you can take, to make that happen.

Step #1: Be your own cheerleader

Be confident about yourself and your abilities. Make a commitment to praise yourself often, love yourself first and to have positive thoughts about yourself, at all times.

Step #2: Start the day with a smile

Begin each day with a smile and a positive outlook – it doesn’t cost you anything and you have everything to gain, in response.

Step #3: Plan the day ahead

Give yourself the best start each day, by spending a couple of minutes planning your day ahead. Whether it’s specific goals and action steps, or visualising how well your day will pan out – give yourself time to focus on the positives ahead of you.

Step #4: Keep your focus on the end result

Keep your eye on the end result you want, each and every day. Don’t get too hooked up on how those end results will happen – just on how it will feel to have that desired end result.

Step #5: Stretch yourself

Always look for ways to move yourself forward, whether it’s at work, your personal life or you as a person.

Step #6: Let yourself have fun

Always see the brighter side of life, laugh lots and ensure you see the blessings that are around you at all times.

Step #7: Watch who you associate with

Look to associate with people who lift you up and who have qualities you admire. Life’s too short to hang around with people who bring you down.  Remember it is often said, you emulate the five people you spend the most time with.

Step #8: Ask questions and be open to any answer

You don’t have to know everything, but you can want to learn. So ask questions and seek to understand things that expand your knowledge base. This will help you keep an open mind, one that doesn’t limit potential solutions based on your limited understanding.

Step #9: Learn to trust and value others

Placing your trust in others is about believing in them. It’s about having faith in their abilities and showing you have confidence in them to do the job at hand – even when they don’t always give themselves the same credit.

Step #10: Learn to let go

At the end of each day, let go of those things that have niggled and annoyed you. There’s no point going to sleep when you’re still stewing on them, so learn to let them go. This is also a good thing to practice throughout your day – just learn to acknowledge and let go.

Follow these ten steps and you’ll not only increase the trust and confidence you have in yourself, you’ll also experience more positivity. How? Because you’ll be learning to let go of those things that weigh you down and you’ll be living more in the moment.

How did you find these ten steps? Was there one that particularly stood out for you or one you haven’t yet implemented? Maybe you have other steps you feel should be added to this list? Why not share your views and opinions in the comments box below!

Image courtesy of icongenic/Adobe Stock