Starting your new Virtual Assistant business can be a little daunting, cant it! For some new VAs, it’s the mindset shift needed, to go from employee to business owner, that feels like a hurdle they need to overcome. For others, it’s the fear and overwhelm around promoting yourself and getting that first client.

If you’re finding the mindset shift daunting for you, check out this blog post. However, if you’re worrying about getting your first client, then keep reading!

#1: Get your first client as a Virtual Assistant

There isn’t one magic solution to getting your first client – I wish I could tell you otherwise. It takes a variety of things to get your first client and you need to put in the work. But if  you’re willing to take the steps needed, here’s my top 10 tips to help you land your first client as a Virtual Assistant.

#2: Be in the right headspace

A positive mindset is critical to your success. Motivation is going to fluctuate and there will be times when you feel a little deflated. However, if you can learn how to keep your mindset positive, you’ll quickly bounce back when needed – and it’s going to be your positivity that will help attract clients to you. Here’s some advice on how you can keep your mindset positive:

#3: Have a plan in place

As with anything, a plan will make it easier – and that’s no different for new Virtual Assistants looking for clients. That’s why it’s one of the 7 building blocks needed, for setting up a VA business. If you have a plan in place you know where to focus, what you’re going to do to attract clients to you and you’ll commit to doing the work needed, to make it happen. 

#4: Know your ideal customer

If you want clients for your VA business, you’ll find it a lot easier to narrow down your options, if you know who your ideal customer may be. You can then work out what you need to sell, in order to provide them with the most value. Keap has a good customer avatar, so head on over and check it out.

#5: Be visible on and offline, if you want to get your first (and subsequent) client 

You need to actively put yourself out there, if you want to get clients. This means networking – both in person and online. But it’s also about being visible on the social media platforms where your ideal customers are hanging out. It’s also an awesome idea to hang around with other VAs. Not only can you learn alot from them, you will also find out about potential Associate roles other VAs are looking to fill. 

#6: Start a conversation 

It’s not enough to just be present on and offline, you also need to start conversations! Don’t just mindlessly connect with lots of new contacts on the hopes that someone will ask you if you have capacity. Go out of your way to share helpful advice, answer questions and make mindful connections. You can then take the time to get to know each one of your new contacts and build solid business relationships with them. 

#7: Be helpful and get involved with the social media groups

Reach out to your existing contacts and ask for referrals. Don’t just limit this to new business contacts, include your friends and family, previous work colleagues and people who have expressed an interest in your journey towards having your own Virtual Assistant business. If you want more help on reaching out and growing your VA business, check out this blog:

#8: Carry out your research 

When you’re looking on LinkedIn and the other social media platforms, use keyword searches to find people to start interacting with. Go into the groups that have your ideal audience in and start consciously looking for posts you can answer. And research your ideal client – see what they’re struggling with and the questions they’re asking. Use sites like Ubersuggest and Answer The Public, to really research your intending market. 

#9: Start promoting yourself 

Get active! Start promoting yourself where you can. Look into submitting guest blog posts and appearing in podcasts. And whilst your business is still quiet, take the opportunity to start blogging on your site. Not only will it give you a way to showcase your expertise and share valuable content, it’ll help you reap the SEO benefits of it, further down the line. Need some help getting your blog started: Check out this article: 

#10: Learn to follow up

If you want to grow your business, you need to learn the art of following up on your leads. It isn’t enough to initially reach out, you also need to be able to have a follow up strategy in place. Need help with this? Check out: 

Starting your new business can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to get your first client as a Virtual Assistant, the above top 10 tips will help. And if you’d like to get additional help and support in the process, check out how the VACT can help you grow your VA business. You can find more information on our courses and resources, here.