Blogging, it’s one of those things VAs often do for their clients, but often avoid themselves! However, blogging for your VA business can bring in huge benefits – regardless of whether you’re just starting out or are an established VA.

If you’re a new VA, blogging is an essential tool to raise your profile and to help you build  connections with potential clients.

Used in this way, it can help you bring in new clients, as they begin to understand your skills and how you can help them. This is why it’s one of the marketing strategies we go over, in the VA Mastery Course, as it’s one way to grow your confidence and start being of service to your target audience.

As an established VA, blogging gives you a good opportunity to reach out and spread your reach further. You can use your blogs to show existing clients how you can help them further, and expand on your expertise and grow your network of connections, by guest blogging on more established sites. Established VAs need to ensure they continue stretching their knowledge and are continuing to develop knowledge. That’s why the monthly membership to VA Membership gives them access to regular webinars and workbooks that cover important skills, such as blogging and SEO.

No matter what stage your VA business is at, there’s no denying that blogging is an easy way to improve the SEO for, and traffic to your website. It really is an essential element of your marketing plan – and it doesn’t have to be difficult either!

Easy and essential blog posts for every VA business

Whether you’re a new VA business or an established one, here’s some easy and essential blog post ideas, to help you get started.

Story is key

Everyone loves a good story. Not only do stories entertain us, they educate and motivate us too. So here’s how you can use them in your VA business:

  • Share stories of your client struggles and solutions. Often, these can take the form of case studies and testimonials. You don’t have to mention the client by name, you can simply share how ‘a client’ was struggling – and tell the story of what was happening and how you solved it.
  • Stories about you and your services. Clients will only work with you, if they know, like and trust you. Share a little about yourself, by sharing the story of why you created your services, how you saw a need, and even why you started your own VA business. Give them a little behind the scenes insight!
  • Interviews and client spotlights. These are a great way to make your clients feel special, plus they serve as another way to showcase your skills and solutions!

Ask for the sale:

Many business owners who blog, simply forget that blogging is a great opportunity for you to actually ask for a sale! It’s great to share your expertise, but you also need to remind people that you’re open for business, so add a definitive call to action at the end of these types of blog posts. If you’re worried you’ll alienate your audience – don’t. As long as you don’t make every blog a promotional one, you’ll be ok! Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Updates and promotions. – If you’re running a promotion or updating an existing service, write a blog about it. The same with your offers and new services – share details and ask for the sale. If you have a sales page for the promotion or service, link to it and use the blog to further highlight the benefits to your potential clients.
  • Highlight your existing services – It isn’t only the special offers and new products that deserve a blog, share details of your existing ones too! You can share the most popular service, give readers a rundown on how many people have bought it and highlight why you think it’s so popular. And of course, add a call to action that asks them to check out the linked sales page!

Helpful advice:

It’s always a good idea to share helpful advice with your target audience. Not only does your niche audience have similar frustrations and issues, your ideal clients also want to see that you understand them. Here’s some blog essentials that showcase that:

  • Tips that help your niche in some way. Don’t necessarily show them how to do something you can do for them, but give them tips on related problems they all can relate to.
  • How to’s. These can easily include those questions you’re frequently asked. However, you could also share your knowledge over how to use a specific tool, or how to bypass a frustration your target audience tends to face.
  • Generic topics that cover every niche. There are generic topics that any niche would love help on. These make great blog posts, as they’re easy to write and are always popular. Topics include productivity, time management, working from home, work-life balance, health and wellbeing, mindfulness and mental health.

Share important news:

Most niches will have organisations, magazines, websites and general news that affects them. Not only do blogs on these subjects show you have your finger on the pulse, they also help share important, Industry specific news and noteworthy news events that may affect your niche audience. These include:

  • Events, shows and awards. Share what’s coming up, who won what, as well as what’s worth visiting and watching.
  • Tools and app reviews and advice. People love to hear they’re making a good decision, when it comes to software, tools and apps. When you write reviews and share advice related to specific tools and apps, you’re either helping them make a good decision, or sharing advice that can help them with what they already have.

Blogging is one of those things VAs often do for their clients, but avoid themselves. However,  with the easy and essential blog post ideas above, you’ll have a list of post ideas that can help you overcome the fear of what to write, whilst also ensuring you reap the rewards that can be gained from blogging for your VA business.

As a new VA, you’ll gain not only blogging help with the VA Mastery Course, but also help with everything you need to get yourself and your business up and running.  More of an established VA? Then check out the VA Membership – to ensure you’re continually growing and developing your blog and your VA business!