Writing a blog post takes a lot of time, research and effort. That’s why you need to make the most of every one you write. Far too many business owners write a great blog on their website, only to share it once and then hide it away. The sad reality is that your website probably doesn’t get as much traffic as you want it to and many of your ideal clients may never see your posts. That’s why it’s so important that you share your blog around once it’s been written!

But if you’re not sharing your blog posts because you’re unsure of how and where to do that, here are a few ideas to help. 

#1: Share your blog post on Facebook

You have a couple of great places to share your blog post on Facebook. First up, there’s your business page. But don’t ignore your personal profile – it’s another opportunity to grow your visibility. Make sure you include a great description and add in a call to action to go and read it. 

#2: Share it with your email list

Sending your email list blog post releases is a simple way to stay in touch. You can either send as soon as you publish, or create a weekly newsletter and have a ‘latest blog post’ section within it.

#3: Don’t forget LinkedIn Articles

Wait a couple of days after your initial blog post goes live, before posting on LinkedIn.This gives the search engines time to register this post as your original content. You can then go on LinkedIn and simply click ‘write article’. You can then post the original blog content, followed by a note that states ‘This article was originally published on xxx website’. Alternatively, you could post a summarised version of the article on LinkedIn – but keeping the same call to action as the original post.

#4: Share your blog post to Pinterest

Remember Pinterest is both visual and a search engine, so if posting here, you’ll need to create a couple of pins for your blog post. Make them engaging and when you pin them, include relevant hashtags and keywords to help them attract more viewers.

#5: Share it on Medium

Medium is another site you can repost your blog to, in fact, you can often import a new blog straight over to Medium. Your blogs are likely to reach a wider audience, simply because Medium has so many members. If you’re sharing your original blog on Medium, give it a couple of weeks before you post, to ensure Google has indexed the original one. 

#6: Facebook groups

There’s a couple of options for you here. Firstly, there is your own Facebook group. Make sure you’re sharing your blog posts with your group members, as they may not be checking your site regularly. Next up, think about other groups you’re in. If they have promo or share days, use them to share your blog posts. If your blog will help someone with a question they have (rules permitting), share your post with them.

#7: Share on Instagram

Finally, we have Instagram. Again, it’s a visual platform so you’ll need an image. Remember, your blog may have a feature image, but if it’s a rectangular one, it will get cut off at the sides. So for ease of use, it’s worth creating a new square image for Instagram sharing. Another option would be to share your blog in your stories. You can then either include the swipe up function or simply add the blog URL to your bio link.

If you’re looking for blog post ideas for your Virtual Assistant business, here are some easy and essential blog post ideas for every new VA business. There are also some ideas in this blog post too. Not sure if you should be blogging? Check out these 5 top misconceptions about blogging before you make a decision!

Bonus: Make Life Easier for Yourself! 


Blog posts really shouldn’t be a ‘write once, share once’ type of content. You’ve put a lot of work into them and they can help a lot of your clients – so make sure you’re doing all you can to share them. Don’t be afraid to share them more than once either, because as we all know, they’re not always seen the first time.  Ben from Missinglettr shared a really interesting stat with us in a webinar that he did for the VA Training Academy® that nothing happens with over 50% of the content that is written. Wow – that’s rather scary. When he shared this stat with us – everyone found themselves nodding that yes they had been guilty of creating the blog post but then doing nothing with it.

I invested in MissingLettr a few years ago on an AppSumo deal and have used it ever since to create 9 piece of content that gets drip fed out to my audience over 12 months across my main marketing channels.  It’s a great little tool for social media, planning, creation and curation!  They have a free account option and paid for accounts (depends on how many channels you want to use) – and if you want to take a paid for account – check out this link to secure 50% off your first 3 months. 

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