Choosing a business name for your VA business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It’s the first decision you’ll make for your new business, so it’s understandable that you’ll also want that chosen name to be a good fit for your new VA business.

This is why so many VAs and business owners take so long, deciding on a business name. They want a name that suits who they are and what they do, but is it really that important to get it right, first time?

The short answer – yes! Your business name is an important decision and once set, it’s going to stay with you for a (hopefully!) long time. Here’s why a business name is so important to your VA business.

Your business name gives you a home base

At a basic level, your VA business name gives you a home base from which to work. It’s the start of making your VA business dream, a reality. Once you’ve chosen a name, you can start building the structure and foundations of your business – such as claiming your website URL, your email address etc. These things all constitute what will be your business ‘home base’ for years to come.

Once you have that name selected, you have a business you can claim as yours. It’s a powerful mindset shift, going from ‘I want to have a VA business’ to ‘I run my own VA business and it’s called…’. This is why, in the VA Mastery Course, we look at all the things you need to take into consideration, prior to choosing a business name.

Defines who you are and what you do to your customers

One of the most basic elements of a business name is it should clarify who you are and what you do. If you want a business to flourish, you can’t afford to have your potential clients bypassing your business, as your name doesn’t illustrate what you do. This is why most VA businesses will include phrases that help clarify what they do, such as: services, assistant, VA, PA, administrative, admin and support.

However, if you’re totally set on a name that doesn’t make it immediately obvious what you offer, there are ways around it. A tagline can help clarify what your business is about, as well as your business logo – so remember to take this into account, if you’re worried that your name isn’t clear!

Another important point to remember, when choosing a name, is to ensure the words that make up that name aren’t contradicting your business vision. For example, words such as ‘value’, ‘rapid’, ‘rich’ and even ‘fabulous’ all help clarify who you are and what you do – and help dictate your overall pricing, brand identity and response times!

Your business name sets the scene for your business growth

Your business name can go a long way towards clarifying whether you’re a solo person or part of a larger team. It can also illustrate whether you’re looking to stay solo, or if you’re someone who’s looking to grow a team.

How can it do that? Well, often a Limited (Ltd) company name can give the impression you’re a bigger organisation than a sole trader. Also, a location specific and/or service specific name may say what you do – but it doesn’t give you much room to expand or branch out (location and/or service-wise!).The same applies when you use your own name as your business name. It doesn’t make it easy to add others to your business.

If your long term goal is to have Associates, a team, or even offer other services further down the line, make sure you select an open ended name that will enable you to grow. Not only will this save you hassle further down the line, it will also give you something to ‘grow into’, as it helps remind you of your bigger picture goals. (P.S: If building a team of Associates is something you’d like to consider for your VA business, the VA Mastery Course can show you exactly how to confidently make this your reality – so make sure you check out the course here!).

A name gives you something to build a brand for

One thing a business name can give you, is a clear focus. You immediately have a story to share – that of your business. Your VA business name is the thing you brand in your marketing – it’s name recognition that you’re after. You want that name to become associated with you being the VA who does x, y and z.

Branding your business is about choosing the right name, colours, logo, imagery, style and even the feelings you want to convey in your ideal clients. Your brand is what you’re looking to build on and market, throughout your VA career. We look at branding and marketing in the VA Mastery course, but I want to remind you – it all starts with your VA business name. Without that, you cannot build a brand or gain clarity on your marketing.

Your business name motivates you to take your business (and yourself) seriously

A business name is the first decision you’ll make for your new VA business. But it is an important decision for you to make personally, too. What a business name does is it gives you something to call your own. You have something to live up to and put your passion and enthusiasm into. Deciding on a name for your VA business will go a long way towards making those VA dreams you have a tangible thing; something real that you can nurture and grow. And ultimately, that name will give you the focus and motivation to get going – at the beginning of your VA career and if things get tough, further down the road.

The VA Mastery Course covers everything from choosing a business name and business strategy, as well as tools and technology, through to client management and marketing, financial planning, and working with Associates. If you’re looking to make the leap and start your own VA business, check out the VA Mastery Course details – and take that first step towards making it your reality!