The biggest risk is in never taking opportunities in life.  Believe and you shall attract success.

If you were to imagine now that the years have flown by and you are now an old lady or man talking to the young members of your family. Do you hear yourself talking with regret about the opportunities you let slip by? Or do you hear yourself proudly telling people about the life you experienced because you never let any opportunity pass you by?  Maybe,  you may have made some mistakes along the way, the important thing is that you learned from those mistakes and that learning helped you to become the successful person you wanted to be?

Which will be YOUR story?

What is holding you back from achieving what you want?

The list could be endless… procrastination, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, justifications as to why you can’t or won’t succeed, self-criticism, mental dramas, etc.? …Oh, those mental dramas, holding you back before you have even set off on the journey!!

Is it fear?

Fear of failure, fear of someone new, fear that there will always be someone better than you, fear of competition, fear that you will not be able to attract any opportunities or that you are not good enough and so on? You must be very exhausted creating your “fear” list!

Creating Opportunities

Opportunities are there for the taking. It is just a case of noticing them.

If you are focusing all your valuable energy on worrying that there might not be any opportunities, then of course you will not notice the opportunities that are there. You will miss the opportunities that you wished for, but you were just too busy worrying.

However, If you don’t know what you want and have no clarity in your intentions for your life or career, then how will you know which opportunities you are seeking?

Seek and You Shall Find

As mentioned previously, it is easy, isn’t it, to give ourselves all the reasons in the world why we cannot do this? E.g. lack of financial resources to pay for a course, not enough time, not confident enough.

If only things were perfect and we were not in the situation we were in, then we would be able to create better opportunities… right? Well what if you were wrong? We all have to start somewhere:

Why not here? Right now?

It’s So Important to Know What You Must Aim For

What do you want to achieve this year? Have you been putting things off due to a lack of knowledge and tools or perhaps anxiety about stepping out of your comfort zone? Perhaps you are allowing limiting thoughts to go round and round in your head asking if you are doing the right thing, what if it doesn’t work, or even you are not sure whether you can make a success of it.

Breaking the outcome down into bite-sized chunks in terms of time is a great help:

  1. What do you want or need to achieve within three months?
  2. What do you want or need to achieve within six months?
  3. What do you want or need to achieve within ten months?
  4. What do you want or need to achieve within twelve months?

Effective Goal-Setting Questions Which Assist With Action?

  1. Where are you at the moment in relation to each outcome?
  2. How will you achieve your outcomes for each stage?
  3. Who do you know that you provide you with the tools and knowledge to support you and guide you and who has your success on their agenda?
  4. What are some of the obstacles that you need to have a contingency plan for to overcome them? These could be procrastination, lack of confidence, not focussed, equipment failure, ill etc.
  5. By brainstorming, make a list of all the actions you can do for each stage of your outcomes as stated above so that you can start to make some headway.

So what action will you take to ensure that your actions will enable you to achieve your next three month strategy?  Drop me a message on [email protected] and let me know what you are planning on achieving in your VA business in the coming months. I would love to be able to help you achieve that success.  We know that a successful VA business needs your commitment, and it needs a lot of hard work to create and sustain it. It’s crucial that you have the right business mindset, as well as the right training, so you can avoid the many pitfalls that setting up a business can bring. That’s why VA Membership was created and you can take a look behind the scenes here. We know from experience how much hard work it takes – and why we wanted to create something that best serves your needs.