If you’re looking to set up your VA business, a positive mindset is critical to your overall level of success. But I’m sure you can relate when I say, women can be so hard on themselves! We’re great at putting down our achievements and placing obstacles in our own path. But one thing I’ve learnt in my years as a VA mentor – when it’s time to set up your VA business, you can’t afford to let negativity creep into your head. 

If you want to successfully set up your VA business and get it off to the best possible start, you need to keep your mindset positive.

Your attitude and mindset matter

The attitude you have about yourself, your abilities and your VA business journey will determine how successful you will be. It’s why we cover mindset in the VA Mastery course before we look at what’s needed to set up your VA business. Mindset is a powerful thing. As the famous Henry Ford quote states:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re probably right.

There’s a lot of things you may need to do, in order to set up your VA business. You’ll also be doing things that are new and may take you outside of your comfort zone. Depending on your circumstances, you may have pressure already on you, to make this VA business a success. This is why so many VAs decide to get some help and support (such as my VA Mastery Course) whilst setting up their own business – it helps to ease that pressure.

It’s therefore important that you don’t pile any extra pressure on yourself or let negativity creep into your head. Because let’s face it, if you want a successful VA business, mindset is where it all starts.

So with that being said, how can you keep a positive mindset to set up your VA business? Here’s my top tips.

Start thinking like a business owner

There’s a mindset shift that needs to happen, when you move from employment to self-employment – and you need to find what works for you. I know some VAs find it useful to ask themselves who they need to be and how they need to act, in order to see themselves as a successful VA business owner. Others like to have mantras based on being a female entrepreneur, whilst others feel more professional, if they dress the part. 

There’s a couple of VACT articles that I recommend you read, to help with this. The first is Employee to business owner: how to make the mindset switch, and the other is Master your mindset if you want success.

Have a great morning routine

Another tip I have for you is to create a great morning routine. Know what you need to implement, to start your day on a positive note. Do some reading, exercise, journal and have a healthy breakfast. If it helps you to wake up feeling relaxed and positive, write out your to-do list before you go to bed – and always practice gratitude. Get into the habit of being grateful for everything; it helps so much with the positive mindset. [For more confidence boosting tips to keep you forward focused, check out this VACT blog post.

Know it’s ok to not have all the answers

When you set up your VA business there’s so much you don’t know – and that’s ok. You don’t have all the answers, and you don’t need to have them all, either. You are a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to know enough to get you started – you can learn on the job, as you go and grow. 

If you have a mentor or coach who understands the VA world and is supporting you whilst you set up your VA business, that’s even better – as they can help give you some of those missing answers and help keep you positive and motivated, during the start-up stage of your business.

Stop trying so hard 

When you try at something, you’re inevitably setting yourself up to either not try at all, or expect to fail. So stop trying so hard! Think about the times you’ve said you’ll ‘try’ to do something. Did you do it – or did you already resign yourself that it wasn’t going to work?

There’s a subtle mindset shift that happens, when you stop trying so hard and instead, decide to experiment with it or see where it takes you. So change those ‘try’ tasks to ones where you ‘give it a go’ and ‘try it out for size’ instead.

Have a plan in place

Overwhelm and a lack of direction can both quickly lead to uncertainty, which swiftly heads towards negativity. If you want to stay positive, have a plan in place. It gives you something to focus on and it ensures your head is clutter free.

This is why one of the modules within VA Mastery covers setting up your own business plan. It helps you get clear on where you’re headed and the steps you need to take, to get there. I’d also recommend you take a read of this blog: Does a VA business need a business plan – as it gives you some good advice on what needs to go into your plan.

Put in that focused action

Talking of something to focus on, make sure that you’re putting in the work – and that means focused action. It’s really easy, when you’re first getting started, to be attracted by all the bright and shiny new things. You find your attention and focus getting pulled all over the place and you want to try out anything and everything, to see where it leads. 

But it’s important that you practice focused action. Hold yourself accountable to your business success. Focus only on one task at a time and make sure you’re only completing actions that lead to your desired end result. 

Celebrate along the way

Finally, don’t wait until you’ve finished setting up your VA business and reached your client quota, before you let yourself celebrate. Learn to celebrate along the way! Every new thing that you do, is something worth celebrating. When you’ve reached a mini-milestone, celebrate. Not only will this help keep your motivation high, it does wonders with keeping a positive mindset too.

If you’re looking to set up your VA business, a positive mindset is critical to your overall level of success. So use the tips above, to help keep your mindset positive, as you set up your VA business. Not only will it make the journey towards your own business a happier experience for you, it will also help you to feel more confident and excited by what’s ahead – and those positive feelings will enthuse your potential clients, as well!

If you’re looking to get support whilst you set up your VA business, check out the VA Mastery course. Not only does it cover the practical elements of setting up your business, it also covers how to find clients and market yourself, and it delves into the mindset side of business too – plus you’ll be able to get help and support along your journey. So do check it out – and learn how you can become (and succeed) at being an awesome Virtual Assistant!