Building your own VA business has its highs and lows. There will be times when you are eager to move forward and grow your business, making you glad to be in business for yourself. However, there will also inevitably be knock backs and disappointments too – and it’s important that you know how to boost your confidence back up and keep yourself focused and moving forward, especially when this happens.

Use these top ten tips as your plan for boosting your confidence and getting forward focused, whenever you may need it.

#1: Have belief in yourself and your abilities

Remind yourself of why you’re special and what you have, that makes you unique in the VA world – and believe in yourself. Believe that you can successfully reach your desired goals and get evidence from previous successes to back up that belief, when needed.

#2: Acknowledge and celebrate the small wins

It’s not just the desired end result that’s worthy of celebrating – remember to acknowledge and celebrate every step along the way too.

#3: Practice gratitude, daily

Never underestimate the power of being grateful. Get into the habit of focusing on gratitude, on a daily basis – and you’ll attract more things to be grateful for, into your life.

#4: Visualise your end result

Regularly remind yourself of what direction you’re headed in, by visualising your end result.

#5: Embrace positivity

Look to see the positives in everything – it’s just as important as gratitude.

#6: Learn to let go

Whether it’s your past mistakes or clients that are no longer suitable for you, learn to let go of what you no longer need.

#7: Commit to daily action

Regardless of how you may feel or how busy you are, commit to carrying out at least one action, that will move you and your business forward.

#8: Focus on forward, not perfection

When you’re aiming to reach one of your goals, don’t let perfection hold you back – as it can easily turn into procrastination. Better to have an imperfect thing you can work on, as opposed to nothing at all. So keep firmly focused on moving forward.

#9: Ask for help

Whether it’s in the home or in the work environment, business or personal, don’t be afraid to ask for help, when you need it. Don’t let stubbornness or pride hold you back.

#10: Get support

Finally, get some support, in order to help you keep forward focused. Whether it’s a supportive group of friends or a VA mentor, you’ll move forward faster and with less hiccups, if you have support.

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