Client consultations can be quite daunting, especially when you’re just starting out or have the potential to work with an important client. They’re also the likeliest way you’ll be interacting with potential new clients. Whether they’ve been recommended to you by another client or are coming to you after carrying out their own VA research, you’ll want to come across as confident, capable and approachable.

Here are my top tips, in no particular order, for confidently handle your client consultations.

Tip #1: Allocate a decent amount of time

Client consultations can take a while, so make sure you give yourself more than enough time. There’s nothing worse than having to rush a potential client, in order to meet your next appointment or to pick the children up!

Tip #2: Remain in control

Don’t be afraid to gently steer your client back on track – especially if they like to talk!

Tip #3: Be confident

It’s important that you come across as confident and assured of yourself and your skills. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths in and out, prior to getting on the call and make sure you have a glass of water with you. Also, one of the simplest confidence-boosting tricks you can do is smile – even though they may not be able to see you, a smile will positively affect how you sound.

Tip #4: Carry out your research

Prior to your consultation, carry out research on your client. Look into their website, social media profiles and get an idea of who they are, what they do, what they’re about and what’s important to them.

Tip #5: Have a plan

It pays to have an overall plan or checklist of things you need to cover and clarify, on your client consultations. You can then ensure you cover everything you need to know and don’t miss out any important information.

Tip #6: Be clear on your services and pricing

This goes without saying – you must be able to quote your services and pricing in a confident manner. If it helps, practice client consultations with your friends and family, until you are totally confident with what you provide and how much you charge!

Tip #7: Remember it’s a two-way interview

Don’t make the consultation an interrogation – give the potential client plenty of time to talk too. Ask plenty of open-ended questions, to put them at ease and bring them out of their shell, if needed and make sure you’re asking if they have any questions, at regular intervals.

Tip #8: Make notes

Even if you’re recording the consultation, make sure you take notes too – as there’s nothing worse than having a technical disaster and no recollection of the conversation you had.

Tip #9: Have a closing pitch

This includes knowing how to ask for the work and confirming what the next steps are, clarifying if they’re happy that you’re a good fit for them, and tactfully referring them to someone else, if they’re not a suitable client for you (and vice versa!).

Tip #10: Don’t be afraid to take some time, prior to your final decision

If you need a bit of time to ensure you can fit them into your schedule or to confirm their background etc., don’t be afraid to let them know you need a bit of time, prior to your final decision. Just make sure you clarify how long you need and when you’ll be getting back to them.

Client consultations are a crucial part of your VA business, as is having the confidence to hold them. This is why we include work around both, in our VA Mastery Course. If you’d like to build your confidence around client consultations, why not check out the VA Mastery Course?

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