Working from home can result in some great financial savings for you. When you first start working from home those financial savings can include childcare. But is cutting out your childcare a good saving to make and do you actually need childcare at all, if you work from home?

When the issue of childcare is raised, there are often mixed feelings. Some see working from home as a solution to having to worry about the expense of childcare, whilst others see childcare as a necessity – regardless of whether they’re working from home or not.

But the decision as to whether you need childcare or not, shouldn’t be based solely on finances. There are a couple of different factors that to be taken into account, before you make any decision on your childcare arrangements.

The emotional element of the childcare decision

Firstly, there’s the emotional element. What are your feelings around childcare? Did you decide to work from home because you wanted to spend more time with the children? Did you want to adapt your working schedule to only work once the children were asleep or did you want to dedicate specific days to work and have the rest free for family? Do you have fears about being a bad mother or worry about putting your business before your family, if you opt for childcare?

The practical side of childcare

Secondly, there’s the practical element. Can you realistically work from home whilst the children are there or do you work better alone? Would having childcare for the children enable you to better focus on the separate areas of your life? Would having time split between you and whatever childcare you’ve arranged, benefit the children more than spending more time with you? When it comes to your situation and your children, is childcare a good or bad solution?

The financial impact of childcare

That brings us back to the financial impact of childcare. If you decide to opt for childcare, is there a way you can still save financially, by cutting back the time and/or days you need childcare? Do you have family members that can take over the childcare for a day or two a week? How about sharing childcare duties with another working mother, so you both benefit from the arrangement? Would you be able to cover the cost of childcare, as well as profit additionally, if you could dedicate more time to your work – and would you want to?

When it comes to making the decision about childcare, there’s a lot you can clarify, before you make a final decision. It’s also worth remembering that it’s a highly personal decision. Other people can (and will!) have an opinion, but ultimately, the best decision is the one that is best for you, your children AND your business.

What are your thoughts around childcare and working from home? If you’ve already made your childcare decision, what was the deciding factor for you and what advice would you give someone in a similar position? Why not share your thoughts and advice in the comments box below!

Image courtesy of lordn/Adobe.Stock Photos