How much to charge

  • Are you charging your worth?

    How much should a Virtual Assistant charge for their VA services?

    Knowing what to charge is a hot topic for any business owner. For VAs especially, charging your worth is something we all struggle with, especially when we’re first starting out. We’re new to the business, trying to get our first set of clients and are unsure of our own capabilities – and this leads us […]


  • 10 signs you’re ready to invest in working with a VA

    10 signs you’re ready to invest in working with a Virtual Assistant

    There comes a time when you just know, you can’t do it all on your own. It’s time to hand over some of your workload to a Virtual Assistant. But how do you know when you’ve reached that stage? Here’s 10 signs that you’re ready to invest in a Virtual Assistant. If you are a […]


  • Is September the time to revise and revisit your goals?

    is September the time to revise & revisit your goals?

    September, the time of new beginnings. With school-aged kids either going back to school or starting for the first time, most mums are either breathing a huge sigh of relief or are busy getting back into work mode. This is why September is a perfect time to revise and revisit your business goals. Although September […]


  • How to confidently raise your prices

    confidently raise prices

    If you’ve been in business for a while, you may feel the time is right to raise your prices. However, you may be worried about what your existing customers will think, or are concerned you’re going to have to justify your reasons for raising them. In order to raise your prices, you first need to […]


  • The financial side of running a business

    The financial side of running a business

    If you run your own business and are responsible for its success, you are classed as self-employed. You therefore need to register your self-employed status with HMRC within the first two years of your business. ( Once you’ve registered your business with HMRC, you will then be posted an activation code for the Government Gateway […]