September, the time of new beginnings. With school-aged kids either going back to school or starting for the first time, most mums are either breathing a huge sigh of relief or are busy getting back into work mode. This is why September is a perfect time to revise and revisit your business goals.

Although September and New Year seem to be the more common times to review business goals, I’m actually a big advocate of reviewing and revising goals every 90 days, regardless of the time of year. I believe our priorities and focus change throughout the year – this is why it’s crucial that you regularly review them.

Having said that, if September happens to be your go-to month for reviewing goals or it falls within your 90-day review window, here’s why it’s a naturally perfect time for new beginnings.

You’ve taken a step back during the summer

September comes at the end of the longest school breaks. If you’re a mum, this means you’ve had time away to think and reflect about where you and your business are headed, whilst you’ve been juggling home and kids. It’s also the time of year when most of us have taken some time away from our businesses, as we tend to want to make the most of the summers here in the UK and most of us opt to take annual holidays during this time.

It’s given you a fresh view on your business

Coming back refreshed from your time away means you’re looking at your business through fresh eyes. You’ve had time to think about your direction, where you and your business are headed and what you’d like to achieve. There’s nothing quite like time away, to get fresh insight into what you want – and holidays and downtime tend to be the time where you relax enough to get fresh inspiration.

Your energy and passion levels have risen

Another great side effect of having time away from your business is you’ve had time to relax and unwind (hopefully – although I know first-hand, how difficult that can be with the kids running around you!). Having a timeout from your work gives you a chance to come back to it, refreshed and reenergised, with renewed passion and a clearer focus.

As mentioned earlier, I am a big advocate of goal review and revising every 90 days. However, if you’re currently only reviewing your goals once a year, taking the natural in-built cycle of school holidays as your business review periods, is a good starting point for reviewing and revising your goals – especially for work-from-home mums. It not only makes it easy to remember, it’s also something that is going to impact on your business anyway – so why not use the time productively!

What are your thoughts around goal reviewing? Is it something you commit to on a regular basis, or is it something you tend to save until a set time in the year? What do you think about using the school holidays as your go-to review cycle? Why not share your thoughts, in the comments box below!