• How to market your VA business in Facebook communities

    How to market your VA business in Facebook communities

    Facebook communities can become a valuable asset to your VA business. But that can only happen if you know how to use them effectively. Not all communities allow you to actively market your business, but you can still promote yourself in more subtle ways.  Here’s a rundown of what you can do, to benefit from […]


  • How to take control of your Facebook news feed

    take control of your Facebook news feed

    Facebook is a constantly changing environment. It’s no longer as simple as it once was. You used to get notifications from everyone you were connected with – regardless of whether they were personal profiles or business pages. The notifications themselves, were shown in a decent order, with the most recent being at the top. But […]


  • Facebook pages: 5 changes admins need to know about

    Facebook changes

    Facebook, as with any social media site, is constantly evolving and its latest round of changes is no exception. If you’re admin to multiple Facebook pages, you may well have seen some of the differences already. One of the biggest changes has been around logging in – you no longer have to log in separately […]


  • Can a like ladder help my Facebook page?

    Facebook can be a minefield for the small business owner. You want to build your business, so you need to find your ideal clients, interact with fans AND raise your profile and, as it solves all three problems, a like ladder seems like a logical move to make, right? What is a like ladder? A […]