Facebook can be a minefield for the small business owner. You want to build your business, so you need to find your ideal clients, interact with fans AND raise your profile and, as it solves all three problems, a like ladder seems like a logical move to make, right?

What is a like ladder?

A like ladder is a Facebook status (usually with an image that has their website details etc. on it) where the poster asks everyone to share their Facebook page link as a comment, below their original post. Everyone who shares their link in the comments box has to then go through and like everyone else’s page.

Quality over quantity

If you’re contemplating using a like ladder to help your Facebook page, you’re probably focusing on the wrong thing!

It’s NOT just about the numbers. It may look great when your page shows thousands of likes, but if the vast majority of those likes are not from your ideal clients – it’s a false economy.

You want to go for quality over quantity. It’s far better to have 200 ideal prospects and clients, people who like what you stand for, interact with and share your content, than a 1000 unresponsive and uninterested people liking your page.

Build on your marketing efforts

Another reason business owner’s look to like ladders is to get their page ‘out there’. True, there IS a real need to get your page noticed by other Facebook users, especially as Facebook gauge your likeability by the interaction your page receives. However, if you’re looking to use a like ladder to build your profile, you’d be better off spending your time working on (and implementing) an overall social media marketing strategy.

Go for organic likes

Getting organic likes to your page is the best way to both raise your profile and build your likes. It means having a focus and reason behind all of your Facebook postings, so build your interaction by:

  • Asking questions and compile surveys
  • Sharing quotes and images
  • Sharing your blog posts
  • Sharing other Facebook users content
  • Being personable and likeable (share snippets of your thoughts, feelings, achievements etc.)
  • Celebrate your milestones – both those achieved on and offline
  • Find groups to interact in (but don’t just spam them!)

When you CAN use a like ladder

This doesn’t mean you have to rule out all like ladders though – you just have to be careful which ones you use! Remember to stick to your overall objective: to get RESPONSIVE likes onto your page.

Look for the ladders that ask for those who are sharing their page URLs to ONLY like the pages they WANT to like. That way, you can be sure you’re only liking pages you like AND you’re ONLY getting likes on your page from people who are actually interested!

What are your views around like ladders and building the likes on your Facebook pages? Have you found like ladders useful? Maybe you run your own like ladder – how well does it work for you? Why not share your advice and opinions in the comments box below?

Images: vitanovski & ShpilbergStudios/Dollar Photo Club