• Case Study: Emma Conway Hyde’s Experience of Training with VACT

    Case study graphic

    I have now been in business as a Virtual Assistant, running The Umbrella Tree, for the last four years.  Having decided I needed a new challenge in my life, after being an administrator and PA for more than 20 years, I set up The Umbrella Tree in May 2016.  I knew that I had all […]


  • Why are Video Testimonials so important?

    Why are video testimonials so important? This week we have a guest blog from Naomi Johnson of Value Add Video. Naomi and I have known each other for a number of years, and have been in the same social media communities, building relationships etc.  One of the things I have learnt over the years is […]


  • The power of the testimonial for VAs


    A VA is one of those types of business that makes other businesses look good. They, along with the likes of ghost writers, IT support, marketing services and other ‘background’ service providers, work to help other businesses grow. But often, they’re not publicly recognised for their hard work, as their sole aim IS to make […]


  • Referral Marketing in your VA Marketing Toolbox

    Previously we talked about the benefits of Successful Referrals as part of your VA Marketing Toolbox, and in particular the things you should consider or the questions you should ask when either making or receiving a referral. Let us look at the various types of Referrals available to you: Reward Scheme: You can let people […]


  • VA Marketing Toolbox – Successful Referrals


    How do you feel about asking someone you know for a referral? Are you aware that this is the best form of advertising? Think now to a time in the past when you have asked a trusted friend or colleague to recommend a service or product. Why did you ask them? Probably because you trusted […]