Working virtually has many benefits. Initially, we tend to focus on the the financial aspects of those benefits – saved childcare, travel expenses, lunches etc. However, they’re only part of the overall benefits picture.

Focusing on these types of benefits will give us all that initial boost in confidence and satisfaction. Often though, it’s the less tangible benefits of working virtually, that provide the real job satisfaction, as they hit us at a more personal satisfaction and fulfilment level.

The balance between work and life

Balancing our work and personal life is what we’re all working towards. For many workers, it’s akin to searching for that mythical unicorn, but for those who work virtually, it’s much easier to achieve. In fact, it’s simpler to implement a complete work-life integration – where the two effortlessly interlink together – leaving you happier, less stressed, and working more efficiently.

Working virtually offers you freedom and choice

The key element to achieving any work and home life balance is a freedom to choose. If you’re in paid employment or working from an office, this isn’t always easy. There’s set guidelines, rules and regulations around working hours and workload etc, that make it that much harder to gain the freedom of choice.

Working virtually offers you more freedom – as long as the work’s completed by the required deadlines, you can organise and choose your working patterns and hours, as you see fit. Even something as simple as drinking more water is easier to implement, if you don’t have to adhere to a ‘no drinks at the desk’ or ‘drinking vessels with lids only. Policy. It’s also easier, when the kitchen at home is the room just behind you!

Freedom to do what matters to you

The biggest benefits of working virtually are those of work-life balance, freedom and choice, but not just as set out above.

The real freedom is mapping out a lifestyle that suits you.

It’s about having the space and time to do what matters to you. If you have external hobbies, you can fit them into your day. Want to start a new exercise class or adult learning course? Virtual working gives you the freedom to organise your week to factor this in.

Are you reaping those real benefits?

Many of us start working virtually, as we love the idea of having real freedom and choice over ourselves and our careers. For others, we started as we wanted to be at home with the kids or our family.

But how many of us are really making the most of the real benefits around virtual working?

How many of us are really shaping the life we want? How many of us our remembering to include our hobbies and pastimes, health and fitness, and general life enjoyment into our weekly planner? And how many of us are just recreating an employee, nine-to-five mindset and practice instead?

What do you consider to be the main benefits of working virtually? Do you agree with the ones I’ve listed above, or are there others you’d add in? And if you have those benefits – are you ensuring you’re implementing and enjoying them in your week? I’d love to see your responses, in the comments box below – so do please share them!