VACT offers the unique dimension of professional VA training, mentoring and coaching that will motivate you, build your confidence and help you to create a mindset for success. We don’t just want you to work for a living, we want you to enjoy a better work/life balance and have the lifestyle you want.

Our training will teach you everything you will need to know about setting up, managing and making a long-term, sustainable VA business.  Not just the overview, the big idea, but also the day-to-day practicalities of putting your business together, getting your administration systems and processes organised, finding and marketing to clients and all the other details that combined will help you build a profitable VA business.

  • Fast track your success and side step the common pitfalls that stifle the progression of most novice VAs;
  • Discover how to set yourself up as a successful virtual assistant on the BEST possible foundations, quickly and easily;
  • Grasp your business numbers and learn how to use analytics to make smart business and marketing decisions;
  • Learn HOW to sell yourself and market your business to you can build your reputation, attract the right clients, and earn enough money; and
  • Understand how to manage your clients to ensure they get a great service, value your input, and stay with you long term.

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