I was recently asked “Why should I train with VACT?”

I responded with “I would never state that anyone should train with me.  But it is totally, prudent to explore all VA training companies that you have sourced and get a feel for the person or people behind the training…how long have they been in the industry to identify how established they are, do they present themselves professionally, do they have the same values as yourself, do they seem like the type of people you would enjoy working closely with, is there a great rapport and understanding on their part?”

Then I would identify what they are offering versus your needs.   Every aspiring, new or existing VA will have differing needs and not all VA trainers may have exactly what you are looking for…if you know what you are looking for of course.   Then look at your investment, what can you afford right now?  The cheapest is not always going to be the best or long-term, something that is more of an investment could actually be the best investment as it provides you with full comprehensive information, resources, tools and after support for a one-off investment.  I would also check if the trainer offers instalment plans to help you.

Find out what the clients of the VA trainer have to say, a confident VA trainer will not have a problem in you contacting their clients (of course where there is permission to do so from the client), read the testimonials and find out what the VA trainer has helped their clients to achieve.   So ultimately the decision lies with you and certainly not with me. If you are not sure, if we would be a good fit – book a discovery call to see if the VACT training approaches are the right approaches for you.

I know that the clients, I work with – value my honesty, my integrity and my loyalty.  They even like the no-nonsense straight talking approach.

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