The 6 modules are a step by step guide to getting your VA business set up and running successfully.

PLEASE NOTE that once you make the purchase, you are confirming your agreement to our terms and conditions as outlined below.

This course is a DIY course, which you can work through at your own pace but modules must be completed and submitted within 12 months to secure your CPD points.

One to one mentoring Calls must be taken within 12 months from date of purchase.

You agree to confidentiality of all copyrighted VA Mastery Course and all related materials and business information for VACT Limited as well as information shared and recordings which may not be reproduced or transmitted in any format by any means before, during and for life after the training is complete. You understand that you may be prosecuted for breach of confidentiality or plagiarism of all material unless where written permission has been provided.

You agree to confidentiality of all information shared or discussed with any fellow delegates, whether in person, online, via the VA Success Club, phone or otherwise, before, during and for the life after the training due to data protection.

You understand that if you are paying in instalments that all payments are paid by the due dates or time frame required, all overdue payments will incur a 10% late payment fee charged each week the fee is overdue. Late payment or missed instalments will result in cancellation of your participation on The VA Mastery Course until payment recommences.

You give permission for any group or individual training, in which you partake in the discussion, to be recorded of which the recording will be distributed to yourself and/or fellow delegates and will not be distributed to any persons outside of the group and will be for the sole use of the delegates and I shall store the recording in a responsible way.

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