It’s hard to believe we’re already in the month of June, the halfway point of the year. We may already be in the sixth month but for many businesses who have their tax year starting 5th April, we’re only a couple of months into the financial year.

Whichever way you look at it, now is a great time to review your goals and ensure your VA business is still on track.

Taking the time to look through your goals and overall progress now, will enable you to acknowledge your accomplishments so far, whilst also ensuring you’re still on track for the rest of the year – so here’s an easy three-step process to check that your VA business is still on track.

Step #1: Review the year so far

So let me ask you; how have you got on, so far? What has worked for you – and just as importantly, what hasn’t? What accomplishments have you already achieved? Do you feel you’re on track this year or do you need to steer your VA business back on course?

How about the business goals you’ve set yourself for this year? Are they still a priority for you or do they need amending or scrapping altogether? When it comes to your financial forecast for this year, are you on target – or do you need to hustle more or hire a mentor to keep on track?

Step #2: Acknowledge and accept

The idea of reviewing your year so far is to give you an overview – it’s not meant to create a virtual stick to beat yourself with! Take the time to just acknowledge what you have (or haven’t) achieved. Accept your current position and remind yourself that, if you’re happy with where you are – great, just keep moving in the same direction; and if you’re not happy – adjust and move forward.

Step 3: Adjust and move forward

Now you’ve reviewed your year and acknowledged where you are, it’s time to make those adjustments. Amend or scrap any goals that are no longer serving you and write down any new ones that need adding. Break down your goals into manageable action steps and make a list of investments you need, in order to move forward – such as new software, training and mentors.

By taking the time throughout the year to regularly check your progress, you can both acknowledge your achievements and steer your VA business back on track, when needed – before you hit crisis point!

Whether you’re looking to push your VA business further, faster, or overcome any blocks and barriers that are preventing you from gaining momentum in the first place, mentoring is a great way of getting you where you want to be. Here at VACT we have an effective and affordable mentoring programme to support you – you can check out the details on the Coaching page. 

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/Dollar Photo Club