Why SmarterQueue has Great Features for Virtual Assistants

So you might be wondering what does VACT use to schedule social media content across our social media channels.  I can re-assure you I am not sat here day in day out posting live all of the time – sorry to disappoint you there. 

Do you find yourself switching between browsers and desktop programs to communicate with clients, research potential content and schedule social media posts?

Do you struggle to keep all of your client’s social media channels organised? 

SmarterQueue can help.

Keep reading to learn how all the features of SmarterQueue apply to your work as a virtual assistant and alleviate headaches for both you and your clients.

Content Categories

SmarterQueue allows you to create separate social media posting schedules for each content category you create. Now you do not have to worry about manually scheduling each post. With this feature, all you have to do is create the content, and SmarterQueue will take care of the rest.

Evergreen Recycling

This feature automatically recycles old posts so new audiences will see them, which increases your engagement by up to ten times. This feature will prevent you from running out of fresh content for new users to see.

Content Curation

This feature will allow you to find the most intriguing and engaging content on all the social media platforms with ease. You can even bookmark your favorite sources to pull from so that you can quickly return to them when you need more content.

You will find the best content in a fraction of the time and have more hours in the day for other virtual assistant duties.

Visual Calendar

The visual calendar lets you see upcoming plans at a glance. It also comes with filters so that you can focus on the information you want to see.

With everything all in one place, you do not need to worry about sifting through massive spreadsheets or other complicated organisational systems.


With SmarterQueue analytics, you will discover what tactics are working and what isn’t compatible with your business. With this knowledge, you will build engagement through data-informed decisions consistently.

This information lets you know what kind of content is most effective, what time of day to post, what images, hashtags, and links to use, and so much more.


This social media publishing system keeps track of all your social media channels and it is the most convenient place to post, update profiles, interact with followers, etc. This ingenious platform will also allow you to customise your message on each platform, add media, include sets of hashtags, save templates, and more. This publishing platform adds value to your own social media but also that of your clients social media management.

Social Inbox

This feature lets you interact with messages from your various social media platforms in one place. Respond to customers quickly and impress your clients. The faster you respond, the more you’ll get done, leaving your client feeling like you’re their fastest assistant to-date. You’ll foster better communication practices with the business’s customers, especially if the business owner doesn’t have time to respond to these inquiries quickly.

Competitor Analysis

Get smart about what other competitors are up to with the competitor analysis from SmarterQueue. This feature will allow you to see what is working for them to decide if you would like to pursue similar tactics. You can search their posts for specific keywords and analyse their entire profile.

Social Media Monitoring

This feature will allow you to stay on top of what is trending and popular so that you never miss the next big thing in your niche. You will see what people are saying about your client and their industry so that you are never left in the dark about what is going on.

It also features an advanced search feature so that you can find relevant posts in minutes.

Instagram Scheduler

Take advantage of one of the most advanced and intricate Instagram schedulers to craft the perfect Instagram feed. This feature will save you hours each week that you can dedicate to other duties, like communicating with clients and conducting product research.

Check Out SmarterQueue with a Free Trial!

While all these features probably sound intriguing, you’ll want to give them all a try yourself before you invest in SmarterQueue.

Try this free trial to discover first-hand how all these incredible features can entirely change the way you complete your virtual assistant work. Give it a shot and start saving yourself time, effort, and money while enhancing your evergreen content and impressing your clients.