Month: August 2017

  • Why networking is like dating

    networking is like dating

    Small businesses thrive, when they have a network of contacts. Not only does networking give them a list of contacts and potential joint venture partners, it also enables them to get visible and in front of potential clients too. However, networking isn’t just about being seen in the right circles, it’s about relationship building too […]


  • Wednesday VA Wisdom: Caroline Wylie, SVA


    Wednesday VA Wisdom: Caroline Wylie of the Society of Virtual Assistants This week, I am lucky to be able to feature Caroline Wylie of the Society of Virtual Assistants, many of us know of her, or are part of the Society, but actually we don’t really know the person who is the driving force behind the Society […]


  • 20 blog titles for your Virtual Assistant Business in 20 minutes

    blog titles

    Did you know, there’s just over 4 months until Christmas? I know, before you start yelling at me for using the ‘C’ word, it was that initial thought that inspired today’s blog post. You see, there’s exactly 18 weeks until Christmas – and I thought that gave us a perfect opportunity to talk about preparing […]


  • Are you happy in business?

    happy in business

    We all have different reasons for starting our own VA business. For some, it’s to fulfil a dream or to satisfy a need. For others, it’s about getting the perfect integration between our work and home lives. No matter what your reasons, the overlying factor is an emotional driven urge – to be happy. So, […]