Month: January 2018

  • Do Your Homework Before Setting Yourself Up as a VA


    Do Your Homework Before Setting Yourself Up as a Virtual Assistant Those thinking about setting up their own business as a Virtual Assistant often make the crucial mistake of thinking that to be a VA all you need is the relevant experience, a computer, a desk and an internet connection. WRONG! It’s not about simply […]


  • Why is it Important to Believe in Your VA Business Community?


    Networking is an important part of your VA business and believing in your business community is part of this. WHY? It is the cornerstone of your business Relationships come first, then business follows Each person you meet teaches you something new in some way or another i.e. how to build your confidence, a new school […]


  • What’s Next? Your Past and Your Vision

    Having a work life balance is important - as a Virtual Assistant you can have that balance

    Often your past will effect your vision for your VA business. Lets think about your current situation, your current behaviour; your mind-set, your habits – is this something you feel needs to change in order for your VA business to be a success? Yes! So, I’d like to focus on is imagining where you’d like […]


  • How to become a successful Virtual Assistant

    successful Virtual Assistant

    Success isn’t something that happens overnight, as any successful Virtual Assistant will tell you. It takes time and dedication to make your business work – and to get your business working for you. There are specific skills you need, in order to be a good Virtual Assistant, but those skills will vary, depending on the type of niche […]


  • Guest Blog: An Interview with Lizzie Adamson-Brown

    ‘My own Travel Business is my Passion’ – An Interview with Lizzie Adamson-Brown This week, I am absolutely delighted to feature Lizzie Adamson-Brown, I have known Lizzie nearly as long as I have been out of the military and a Business Owner.  She is my “go-to” travel advisor, both personally and professionally and I am […]