Month: November 2021

  • 19 Self-confidence tips for Virtual Assistants

    This blog is a slightly different format to normal, but is as a result of conversations I have been having with new Virtual Assistants (and experienced ones) about their own self confidence.

    So today, I share with you 19 self-confidence tips to try.


  • Don’t Fall Victim to Toxic Clients

    Toxic clients like these suck the joy out of business and that translates into sucking the joy out of life in general because you’re spending your free time stressing about them. Regain your business sanity and your life’s joy by taming these toxic clients or dropping them altogether.


  • Wednesday Wisdom: Caroline Marshall

    Caroline Marshall runs Virtual Assistant service Upsource. A small team of VAs who provide Virtual Assistant Business, Lifestyle, Events and Social Media services to Entrepreneurs, small business owners & freelancers.