Month: February 2022

  • Feature VA: Laura Taylor – EA2VA

    Meet Laura Taylor of EA2VA, Laura is a VA whose business has three core areas; Business, Events and Lifestyle, with her niche being in Events and Employee engagement. In this blog she answers the questions we have all wanted to know the answer to.


  • Did you know that VACT owns

    VACT Limited has a couple of arms to the business each with their own names, domain names and in some cases social media profiles as they do different things and support different people.  It might be useful to know how they can help you.


  • A quick question

    Inspired to take action… Every month as part of the VA Mastery Course and VA Membership we have a training Masterclass with an expert.

    Last night the very lovely Caitriona McBride of Perfect Proof spoke on the subject of “Essential Copywriting for Virtual Assistants”.