I thought it might be useful to write a shot note about the various sites, social media profiles you will see me talk about, especially as you will see me share lots about some elements of the business in the coming weeks and months as we look to make these sites more accessible to you. 

You see, VACT Limited has a couple of arms to business each with their own names, domain names and in some cases social media profiles as they do different things and support different people.  

VACT Limited

This is the main site for the business, it’s our Limited Company name and everything is owned by this particular strand of the business. It’s the site that this particular blog sits on, you could argue it’s my information site and the place where I demonstrate my knowledge and my expertise, it does actually have my sales pages and lead pages on this site.  It’s where I allow my clients (and potential clients) to get to know, like and trust me. 

These are the social media profiles you will see attributed to this site:





 Pinterest –  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/VAMentor

The next business name you will see is the VA Training Academy. 

 This is the site where my actual products sit when purchasing them, but primarily this site is the site where you access your products once bought. We moved the materials to their own domain so as not to slow down the main sites working speed. 

UK VA Conference and UK VA Awards

The UK VA Conference and UK VA Awards were owned by VACT but sold back in 2012 by the previous owners.  I bought these 2 elements of the business back in October 2021 to bring them back under the VACT company. Yes I manage and facilitate their administration but to re-assure those of you who want to check that we have no bias in the UK VA Awards we have an independent panel of judges.   The website is currently undergoing a review and a refresh and the new site will go live in March 2022 in advance of the PA Show. 

These are the social media profiles you will currently see attributed to this site:




BeMyVA Directory

When we bought the UK VA Conference and UK VA Awards, we also bought the BeMyVA Directory – this directory always used to be available to all Virtual Assistants who were ready to invest in the marketing of their business but for the past couple of years, it has only been available to those who have won an award at the UK VA Awards.  It is our intention to make it available to all Virtual Assistants and it is currently going through a bit of a revamp and a new directory being added.  The aim of the directory is 2 fold, it will be there for Virtual Assistants to market their VA business but more importantly it will allow Business Owners to seek out Virtual Assistants and connect direct with them. 

These are the social media profiles you will currently see attributed to this site:



 Please do support the various sites and social media profiles, it helps me to help you further.