30 ways to market your VA business
Starting out as a VA and learning how to market your VA business can seem a little daunting at first. With on and offline options available, as well as free and paid marketing techniques, it’s understandable that you’re a little overwhelmed by the wide variety of choice. 

And if you listen to the marketing experts, you may end up even more confused. Each will have their reasons for suggesting their marketing strategies of choice, and often, they’ll contradict another expert out there. And of course, a lot of those strategies aren’t suitable ways for you to market your VA business either. 

Marketing your VA business doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting

So if you’re not sure whether you should be using your available time to get online or offline, whether you should be using your limited funds to pay for advertising, or if you should set up yet another social media account on the latest, newest platform – just take a breath! 

The key to marketing your business is to just get started. Just pick one thing and do that. There is no right and wrong in marketing; there’s just marketing, or not marketing. And if you’re not marketing, you’re not giving your business any chance of success.

With that being said, here’s a list of easy ways you can market your VA business. Just take a look through, pick one and get to work marketing your business, one strategy at a time.

Market your VA business on social media

There are lots of marketing opportunities available to you on social media, and they don’t have to immediately revolve around paid advertising (although it’s a good one to try, once you understand how they work.) Here’s 10 ideas to get you started:

#1: Via your Facebook profile

You cannot use your personal profile to market your business, but what you can do is connect the two together. How do you do that? Simply:

  • Go to your personal profile and click ‘edit details’.
  • Under the ‘work’ section, click on ‘add a workplace.
  • In the ‘company’ section, start typing in the name of your business page.
  • When it comes up, click to add it to your work section.
  • Click to ‘save changes’.

#2: Facebook lives

These give you a great opportunity to market your VA business, to raise your visibility and market your business.

#3: Facebook groups

Join groups that cater for your ideal customer and start answering questions, posting and generally being present in there. You’re looking to build relationships, not actively promote your business, but if you are able to help someone, give them the option to get in touch. If they have a dedicated marketing or freebie thread, make sure you’re engaging in that too.

#4: Host your own free challenge on Facebook

Challenges are really popular, and a great way to both market your business and grow your mailing list.

#5: Create a Twitter hour of your own

Why not hold your own Twitter hour? It’s awesome publicity for your business and can really help you reach your ideal customer.

#6: Join in Twitter chats relevant to your niche

Twitter Business has a complete list of UK Twitter chats you can join and they’re a great opportunity to market your VA business to new prospects.

#7: Write a LinkedIn recommendation for someone else

Not only will this make the recipient’s day, it’ll also give you another way to promote your business too.

#8: Join LinkedIn groups 

LinkedIn groups can be a bit hit and miss, but why not experiment and see if they work for you? [If you want help with marketing on your LinkedIn account, check out this guest blog by Warren Knight.]

#9: Repurpose your existing blog posts and publish on Medium

You can easily import your existing blog posts on Medium. Social Media Examiner shares how to do it, in this blog post.

#10: Share a post praising someone else 

This type of post not only makes someone’s day, there’s also a good chance they’ll interact with it and share it on their accounts too. (Just make sure you tag them in your post!).

Online marketing strategies for your VA business

Most of your clients will be online, so it’s understandable that it’s another popular way to market your VA business. From making use of your existing assets, through to jumping into the often overlooked ones, here’s 10 more ways to help you with your marketing:

#11: Your own website

This is your online home and it needs to be the place you drive everything you do online, back to. So make sure it really captures what you’re about and who you help – and of course, include links to your opt-ins and your contact details!

#12: Build your own mailing list and regularly stay in touch with your email subscribers

Many VAs aren’t utilising email marketing in their business, and they’re missing a trick. It’s still really popular and far from dead (as this OptinMonster article attests!).

#13: Host a webinar

What topic would your audience love to hear about, and you could host a webinar on? Webinars are good for raising awareness over what you do and for building your mailing list.

#14: Write a testimonial or review for someone else’s product or service

If you’re already paid for a course or membership program from someone, why not leave them a testimonial or review? It’ll make their day and if they use it on their site, will help market your VA business too.

#15: Be a guest on someone else’s podcast

Podcasters are always looking for guests, so if you have something that their audience can gain value from, offer your services as a guest on their show.

#16: Write a guest blog post for someone else’s site

This is a great way to get a link back to your site and to raise your own profile. It helps the website owner out, as they’re getting valuable content to share with their audience – content they’re not having to write themselves – so it;s a win-win for all involved. [New to guest blogging? Here’s how to find guest blogging opportunities for your VA Business.]

#17: Create pins for your freebies and share them on Pinterest 

Don’t underestimate how useful Pinterest can be for your business. If you have a free opt-in, regularly sharing pins linking back to it, wil help your traffic and raise your profile online.

#18: Set yourself up on Google My Business

It’s on Google, so that will help your SEO and your traffic!

#19: Use a personalised signature on all of your emails – personal and professional

Create your own personalised signature using Wisestamp – they have a free and paid account option.

#20: Contribute to industry specific forums and websites

Trade and industry magazines can offer you some great marketing opportunities – and many are on the lookout for interesting content for their readers.

Offline marketing suggestions for your VA business 

Although the world seems to have gone online, offline marketing activities are still popular. When lockdown is over, here’s some offline ways you can try, to market your VA business:

#21: Client referrals

Whilst you’re holding your client reviews, listen out for opportunities to ask for a referral. The perfect time is when they’re celebrating a win or praising you for your help.

#22: Co-sponsor an award or contest 

This doesn’t have to be a big event, just make sure it’s one you’re happy to be associated with.

#23: Attend local business networking events

There’s a lot to choose from, from early morning breakfast events, through to evening socialising – so try several different types out and see how you go. [Not sure what to say when you attend? Here’s how to start a networking conversation when you’re nervous and new!]

#24: Join a local business group

Whether it’s a specialised niche business group or the local women in business-type group, try out several and see what suits you best.

#25: Join the Chamber of Commerce or Federation of Small Business 

Depending on your ideal clients, these can both be really beneficial for your business. You’ll also get membership benefits (such as free business banking and discounts in stores), so why not investigate how you get on with them both?

#26: Attend trade shows and exhibitions

Always a popular one – and it’s no wonder. They’re great for you and your business! Here’s a blog post that explains why you need to attend business and trade shows if you want to market your VA business.

#27: Make use of flyers and pin them in your local area noticeboards

You don’t need to stand on street corners handing out flyers to the masses, but it pays to have some that you can strategically place on noticeboards and specific prime advertising spots in your area.

#28: Run an ad in your local business publication or trade magazines

Consider running a paid advert in your local or trade publications. Aim for the business and trade publications, rather than the local newspaper.

#29: Write an article for your local business publication or trade magazines

Write an article or inquire about an advertorial in your local publication or trade magazine.

#30: Interact with your existing contacts

You never know who someone knows. It doesn’t hurt to casually remind your business and personal contacts about what you do for a living, and to ask them if they know of anyone who’s looking for help.

Marketing your VA business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. The ideas above will help you to get started, so why not set the intention to pick one to implement each week? Not only will that help you move your business forward, it will also get you marketing your business, easily and consistently!

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