Chantelle HeadshotLearn the 5 Golden Rules of Copywriting in this guest blog from Chantelle Davison.

You’ve written something, either for yourself or a client. A blog, an email, or maybe even copy for their website. And you THINK its’s pretty great! But you want to be sure…. Here’s my 5 Golden Rules – the checklist I use when editing my copy, to ensure its polished to perfection!

Rule #1 – Read it aloud. If it sounds clunky or unnatural, cut it down. Try not to use too many adjectives, and make sure your sentences don’t leave you out of breath!

Rule #2 – Contractions are king! We’re always aiming to write as we speak in copy because it’s a conversation, not a formal address. This means using that’s, not that is. We’re, not we are. They’re not they are. The goal here is to sound like a human, not like Spock!

Rule #3 – Remove unnecessary ‘that’s from your copy. It’s a tick many of us have to add ‘that’ when it isn’t required. Go through and get rid of any non-essential ‘that’s and your copy will flow much easier. E.G. “The recommendation that you gave me was amazing.” becomes “The recommendation you gave me was amazing.”

Rule #4 – This one relates specifically to editing your Bio and/or About Me Page.

If you’ve covered the below, delete the rest:

  • Who I am & Who I help
  • What problem I solve
  • How I solve it
  • What results I get for my clients
  • Empathy
  • Authority
  • Call to action

Rule #5 – Go back and read it as if you’re a stranger with your client’s priorities and consider whether you’re providing all of the information they need to hear. If not, add it in. Also, consider whether you’re providing any information they don’t need. If so, remove it.

We always want to ensure our copy focuses on what our audience needs to hear to make a decision, not what we want to say!

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