Learn the 5 proven benefits personal development has on the self employed

Making the decision to invest time and money in your own personal development is an essential element of growth. If you’ve ever wanted to achieve something new, stretch your personal comfort zone or change your life in some way, you will need to develop and evolve as a human being.

However, as a self employed person, your personal development is also intrinsically linked to your overall business growth. There would be no business, without you in it, so it pays to spend time making sure that you’re mentally and physically in the best place, to look after yourself and successfully run a business.

But stretching and evolving isn’t always easy, or comfortable. Personal development can have you uncovering your good and bad traits, realising your biggest frustrations, and giving yourself more work and study to do – so why do we do it?

Personal development raises your self esteem and self awareness

Personal development gives you the means to get to know yourself better. It gives you the space to establish what your strengths and weaknesses are, find out what you enjoy doing and become aware of what makes you tick. This not only makes you more self aware, it also strengthens your self esteem and confidence too.

Overall physical and mental wellbeing are also looked after

It’s only by knowing yourself better, that you’ll be able to judge what makes you happy and healthy. Personal development raises your positivity and your mood, but it also gives you empowerment, as you know how far you can push your body and mind. This doesn’t mean you’ll always push yourself to those limits (and neither should you!) but it gives you the ability to learn, grow evolve at a rate that’s mentally and physically healthy for you.

An increase in your levels of productivity and motivation

The more you develop, the more focus and motivation you’ll have. Having a sense of direction is essential, as both an individual and a business owner, as this increases your productivity and desire to reach out for those goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.

Added value for your clients

As a self-employed business owner, you understand how important it is, to build relationships with your clients. Your business is built on trust and respect – and if you’re confident about your abilities and yourself, you’re more confident about putting yourself out there.

Enables increased business growth

Knowing you’re in a good place and being who you want to be, makes you more resilient and open minded about where your business is going. This means you’re more likely to enter yourself for business awards, try out new ways of doing things and be open to new avenues of revenue streams.

Personal development can be a financial and time stretch for you – but it’s an essential step, if you want to develop and grow as an individual. As a self employed business owner, you’ll not only personally benefit from it, your business will too – and that makes any stretching and evolving you do, a decision well made!