Learn about the 5 ways VACT can help with your professional development

If you want your business to succeed, you need to be continually improving and evolving. Regardless of whether you’re a VA or a Social Media Manager, professional development is an essential part of your business owner role. The ability to provide value to your clients, as well as a desire to excel at what you do, dictate that you must read your target audience and be willing to tweak your business and services accordingly.

As a VA, your aim in business is to support your clients, so they can grow and evolve their businesses. It’s therefore crucial that you are continually evolving and improving your business, to stay abreast of new innovations and to suit the changing needs of your clients.

That’s why VACT has a keen focus on helping all VAs with their professional development, no matter what stage of business they’re at. We want to make sure you have access to the training and support you need, to ensure you’re kept up-to-date and able to evolve into an awesome VA for your clients!

When it comes to professional development opportunities, VACT has 5 different ways to help you – community, support, mini-courses, blogging, personal mentoring and coaching, and our affordable VA Membership.  The VA Membership is an online business accelerator specifically for Virtual Assistants.

Community support

No matter what stage your VA business is at, we have both free and paid communities designed to suit your needs. If you’re just starting out, we have a free community on Facebook (you can join, here) – where you can get support from over 5000 others on a similar VA journey – and I’m also in there on a daily basis, to respond to your questions. There’s also a separate paid community for those who are part of my paid personal mentoring and coaching programs, as well as breakout groups for my other paid-for specialised programs.

Mini training courses & webinars

If you’re looking to brush up your skills on specific topics, the mini training courses and webinars are a great way to do so. Whether you’re looking to get to grips with blogging, LinkedIn marketing, or industry events and workshops, there’s a range of affordable guides on our website to suit your needs (Just head on over to: https://vact.co.uk/resources. Of course, there’s also the free webinar for those looking to get started with their own VA business (you can access that here).

The VACT blog

Our blog page is updated weekly with free advice, help and how-to articles, designed to help you improve and grow your VA business. There’s also regular guest blog spots, where other businesses and VAs share their knowledge and expertise with you.  There’s a search function and the ability to subscribe to receive a message when the new blogs go live on the side bar of the blog.  

Personal mentoring and coaching

If you’re looking for personal one-to-one mentoring and coaching, held both in-person and online, the VACT have a couple of services designed to turn you into an awesome VA! There’s a variety of one to one coaching and mentoring options –  If self-study is more your thing, our VA mastery course has both a self-study and enhanced option with bonus coaching, available for you.

VA Membership

Finding an affordable, ongoing practical support option, for VAs who have already established their VA business, was a problem for many. That’s why I created the VA Membership.  Designed for those VAs that are looking to build and grow their businesses, with the benefit of continuous professional and personal development.

The VA Membership gives you access to workbooks, webinars, community support from other VAs, but also includes the benefits of having a coach and trainer in your corner. I’m personally in the support group every day, to answer your questions and give you a place to hold yourself accountable. There’s regular group coaching calls for help with your biggest frustrations and questions, along with monthly training calls, to help you develop your VA skills and knowledge.

If you want your VA business to succeed, you need to be continually evolving and improving. The VA Membership is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting training, designed for the specific needs of VAs. At just £59 a month inc VAT (or discounted to £590 a year), it’s already an absolute steal.