For many VA business owners, September is like New Year. For those with kids, school summer holidays are over and you get to focus back on your business. For others, it’s their clients who have gone quiet over the summer, with many of them going away or spending time with their family.

No matter how you look at September, there’s no denying it feels different. It can have that new year feeling, but it can also feel like that turn towards autumn is signifying that last quarter of this year and the subsequent push to make it end on a high. 

So how can you maximise on those feelings? I’d recommend you use them to motivate you and your VA business forward. It’s a great time to carry out a mini-review or status update, before making that final push forward.

Treat it like a clean slate for your VA business

No matter what’s happened in the previous months, treat it like a new year. Make the decision that you’re wiping the slate clean. You’re back refreshed and ready to work on your VA business. Clean your office space, clear your head, and recalibrate your course forward. 

Check in on your progress

As part of that recalibration, check in on your progress with your annual goals. How are you getting on? What do you need to implement, to ensure you reach them? Are you currently on the right track for them? Is there anything that needs breaking down further or clarifying a little more, to move them forward? [Here are 10 great questions you can ask yourself whilst you’re reviewing your year].

Keep the motivation up

Whilst you’re reviewing your progress, don’t forget to check your motivation levels. Do you still want to achieve those goals and do they still fire you up? If not, do they need replacing, or do you need to work on your motivation? Who do you need to become, to help you reach them? What do you need to implement, to build up your momentum?

Get your VA business plans down on paper

There was a recent discussion about journals and planners in my VA business Facebook group and it reminded me just how much I love physically writing down my goals! I find the act of handwriting my goals a great way to better connect with them and the desire to achieve them. 

Interestingly, as Erin over on the Working Mother website discusses in this post: Why a paper planner is better than a digital one for working moms, you’re 42% more likely to achieve goals if you write them down. The New York Times also points out, the physical act of handwriting things down forces your brain to slow down and focus. They also go on to explain how to pick the best paper planner for you. (The Case for Using a Paper Planner).

So in the spirit of sharing my love for physical journals and planners, I want to share with you some of my top recommendations. 

[Affiliate Disclosure: Please note there are affiliate links in the remainder of this blog post. If you click through and make a purchase on any of these links, I may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you.]

The Girls Means Business Awesome Marketing Planner

The brainchild of Claire Mitchell, the Girls Mean Business Planner has been newly revamped for 2020. This planner has helped lots of VA business owners and other businesswomen to gain control of their business. But it’s not just a paper planner – you also get access to her Facebook group and an online training portal, giving you marketing training, tutorials and weekly emails. You can order your Girls Mean Business Awesome Marketing Planner now!

Living Well Planner

Ruth Soukup’s Living Well Planner is an awesome planner for both business and personal lives. Simple yet practical, a great choice for VA business owners.  This is the planner that a number of my 1:2:1 Luminary Coaching clients are using – click through to the Living Well Planner online store.

Leaders in Heels

Planners, journals and notebooks to inspire your creativity, encourage you to follow your passion and confidently go for your goals. Each Leaders in Heels book includes daily inspiration and quotes, to help keep you focused and on track. Oh, and they also sell pens, cards, printables and vision boards – every bit as gorgeous as their books and planners! Check out the Leaders in Heels store.

Ella Iconic

Beautiful CEO of my own life ® planners, notebooks, paperclips, stickers, pens – what’s not to love about Ella Iconic stationery?! These luxurious planners are high quality, faux leather and absolutely beautiful. Check out the Ella Iconic website and treat yourself to a little extravagance!

No matter how you look at September, by using the above advice, you’ll treat it as a fresh start. Not only will that maximise on those positive feelings, but you’ll also ramp up your motivation to finish the year on a high – and that can only be a good thing! Why not share your thoughts on September and your own personal fresh start plans, in the comments box below.