If you’re looking to equip your Virtual Assistant business for success, you need to cover your bases. There’s the obvious hardware you need, such as a laptop, internet connection etc, but it’s the less obvious things that are often neglected.

Here’s a breakdown of those essentials you need in place if you want to equip your Virtual Assistant business for success!

Work on your mindset – the best way you can equip your Virtual Assistant business for success!

This is key to your overall business success. You could have all the skill in the world, but if you doubt your abilities or second guess your decisions, you’ll end up spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Focus on filling your head with positive self-talk, grow your self-confidence and self-esteem, and believe in yourself and your abilities, no matter what. [Need help with your mindset? Check out this article on How to reset your mindset, when the mind monkeys are already there].

Have clear visions and goals

You can’t move forward if you don’t have a direction to head towards. Before you start your Virtual Assistant business, you need a plan in place. Know what your ideal business looks like and know what you need to do, to get there. Break everything down into manageable goals, and set a realistic timeline for achieving each of them. [Here are some great alternatives to goal setting, that will still enable you to get focused!].

Know your values, if you want to equip your Virtual Assistant business for success

What do you believe about yourself, your business? Values are important, as they dictate how you act and behave, both individually and in your business.  For example, honesty, transparency and accountability are common values, as they enable you to build relationships and form trust with others. But they also help you decide whether you’re going to show your prices on your website, help you own up if you’ve made a mistake, and they illustrate the standards you expect your clients to adhere to.

Assess your skills

Know what you’re good at, as well as your needs and wants. By establishing what you’re already good at, you have a basis for starting your Virtual Assistant business. You can then look to gradually improve what you do know, whilst you implement a training plan for what you need and want to learn, further down the road. This also helps you establish what services you’re going to provide to your clients – as they’re determined by the skills you currently have.

Training and mentoring

If you want your Virtual Assistant business to be equipped for success, you need to have a growth mindset. Go for continued professional and personal development throughout your Virtual Assistant career. Follow influencers in your niche, go for CPD training and look to hire someone who specialises in helping Virtual Assistants get the business they want – so you can be on the fast track to success. [Considering training with VACT? Check out this recent blog on the 5 Ways VACT can help with your professional development.]

Branding and visibility

No matter how awesome a Virtual Assistant you are, you are going to have to market yourself. This means you need to have a consistent brand image and you’re also going to have to get visible. Many small business owners shy away from being visible and then wonder why their business isn’t growing. You need to get over your fears of selling yourself and of promotional tactics such as video, live streaming and putting your photo out there if you want your business to grow.

Insurance and legal bases for Virtual Assistant businesses

Finally, don’t forget the essential legalities. Client contracts, Associate agreements, website policies are just as essential as Professional Indemnity insurance. If you’re looking to have clients visit you at home or you’re going to be holding in-person events etc, you’ll also need Public Liability insurance too. 

Equipping your Virtual Assistant business for success is as much about mindset and self-belief, as it is about the physical equipment in your office. There are also legalities to implement and, although you may hear that some of these are optional, you need to consider how professional you want your business to be. However, if you follow the above advice, you’ll be ensuring you’re equipping your Virtual Assistant for success in the best possible way.

What are your thoughts on how to equip your Virtual Assistant business for success? Do you agree with those essentials listed above – or is there something you’d add to the list? Why not share your recommendations and thoughts on today’s blog, in the comments section below.