How’s your VA business going? As a business owner, this can be one of the most charged questions anyone can ask you. Why? Because, depending on your answer, it’s going to either fill you will dread and remorse, or spark your energy and motivation, akin to a firework going off on New Year’s Day – and let’s face it, we all want to feel like that with our businesses.

This is why it’s so important to monitor the health of your business, at this mid-year point. Not only is it an ideal opportunity to see what is and isn’t working for you, a mid-year review gives you the chance to make the most of the upcoming summer period. You get a chance to reflect, implement and plan your next steps, before the schools break for summer and you have the kids around.

So how can you carry out a mid-year review and ensure you’re summer ready?

Tip #1: Tools and technology

We’ve all paid for things that we don’t end up using, so now’s a great time to get clear on what tools and technology you’re paying for – and if you still need it.

Check out subscription payments, to clarify if they’re still relevant to you and your clients, if they’re actually needed and worth the money.

Tip #2: Your goals

How about your overall business and personal goals? How are they looking an are they still serving you? Do you need to implement any changes or do they need refining or clarifying?

It could be that you’ve achieved goals on your list – in which case, what new goals are you going to implement, to stretch you and help your business grow? What do you need to implement, commit to, drop or pass over, in order to reach those goals?

Tip #3: Your performance

Be honest here – have you helped or hindered your business, during the first part of this year? Do you need to work on your mindset or motivation? Maybe you need to stretch yourself more or get a clearer focus? What about your time management – do you need to implement a stricter routine for yourself or use time chunking to help get focused?

On the flip side, if you’re happy with your performance – what can you carry forward through the summer? Can you further enhance your performance, to really end the year with a bang? What’s draining your energy and sucking your time? What can you pass over or outsource?

Tip #4: Business systems and processes

Take a look at your systems and processes – what is and isn’t working for you? Do you need to get more automation going or clearer processes in place, so it’s easier for you to enjoy the summer break with your family, without it adversely affecting your business?

Tip #5: Marketing and social media

Finally, take a look at your marketing and social media strategies. Do you have a clear plan for both? What will you focus on during the summer months? Do you have a clear idea of the products and offers you’ll be running – and how much can you implement and schedule in now, so you can take a step back and spend time with your family?

With roughly a month left, before the kids break up, it’s the ideal time to do a mid-year business review and follow the tips above, to get your business ready for summer. So, what are your goals and plans for the summer period? Why not share them, by leaving a comment below!

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