How to reset your mindset, when the mind monkeys are already there causing chaos

Mindset is a funny thing. Many people go through life not even thinking about how positive or negative their mindset is. They don’t give it a second thought. However for those of us that want to succeed at something or change our habits, it’s something we’re constantly aware of.

We work so hard to keep it positive and focused, knowing that our thoughts create our realities. Vision boards, affirmations and meditation are some of the tools we use to keep it positive. Yet, no matter how positive your mindset is, there’s going to be a time when it drops into that negative space. Whether it’s caused by us getting ready to level up or expand our comfort zone, the hurtful words of others, or our own doubts in our abilities – we then need to work on giving our mindset a positive reset. So how can you successfully do that – when the mind monkeys are already running riot?

Get into a routine that works for you

Routine is good for those of us who want to improve our positivity and productivity. Not only does it help focus your mind, it enables you to link your actions to positive results. If you’re looking to reset your mind, start implementing a routine that suits you and your desired goals.

Start small and add an additional small action to your routine each day. Look to grow small actions into larger routines that keep you positive and productive. If you want to get started faster, look to tag the start of your new routine onto something you’re already doing. This will help make it easier to stick to your new actions.

Clear your mindset issues – write them down on paper

If there mind monkeys are already there, do what you can to get them out and onto paper. Grab a pen and notebook, take yourself somewhere quiet and do a brain dump of those thoughts going around in your head. Get all those fears and worries out, any questions and hesitations that are plaguing you, as well as your plans and dreams for the future.

Writing things down not only helps to clear your head, it also helps you intuitively come up with answers and solutions to your problems. If you’re doubting your abilities or worrying about your abilities, writing it out on paper will often strengthen your resolve and dissipate the attached fear or worry!

What can I do now, in this moment?

It can be difficult to think straight, when your head isn’t clear. This can lead to overwhelm and procrastination, as you fear making a mistake or not knowing if you’re taking the right path. To help get over this, ask yourself – what can I do now, in this moment? There’s always something in this moment, that you can do to change something. The biggest problem is seeing it!

By asking yourself to focus on those small actions you are able to do, you’re forcing your mind to focus on what is still achievable for you. By gaining clarity on what is doable, you’re regaining control of any overwhelm, as well as any mind monkeys that are running around.

A change of scenery is great for a mindset reset

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to walk away. This doesn’t mean dropping it and never picking it up again, it’s about giving yourself a breather and a fresh perspective. Get outside, take a walk and give yourself some thinking time. Switching off your mind will free the subconscious to work on another option or solution.

Another great way of giving yourself a break is to try something completely different and unconnected. How many times have you been totally switched off and relaxed in the bath, when an answer has popped into your head?!

Step away from social media

If you’re doubting your abilities or are unsure of your next direction, going on social media can just heighten that anxiety and uncertainty. Not only do we tend to compare ourselves to others when we’re in this mindset, we also tend to look for purchasable, expensive and often, unnecessary solutions too!

If you need to tame those mind monkeys and give yourself a mindset reset, it’s far better to do this away from the noisy and often fake world of social media.

Remind yourself of your vision for life

Taking the time to reconnect with your original vision, is a good way to centre your focus and resolve. When you’re busy running your own business, it can be far too easy to get connected with just your to do list. Before long, you’ve lost sight of what you’re doing this all for. Take the time to remind yourself now – and add it to your regular routine, so it becomes a priority (and not an afterthought) for you.

Talk to someone who can help you with mindset issues

Talking your mind monkeys through with another person can be a great way to clear them. But be careful who you talk to – as not everyone makes for a great confidant or sounding board. The best people to talk to are those that understand the goals and visions you’re looking to achieve.

That’s why I primarily coach and mentor other VAs – I’ve not only had my own successful VA business, I also have a wealth of experience around training awesome VAs. This gives me a unique viewpoint that enables me to see the pitfalls and issues VAs face, as well as knowing the practical solutions they can implement, to reach their goals. I can confidently use my many years of first-hand experience to motivate, educate and hold them accountable to that success too. (Interested in becoming one of my coaching clients? Check out my One to one coaching and mentoring options over at and!)

Hiring a coach/mentor is a sensible idea, for this very reason. Not only are they experienced at helping others like you, they’ve often also walked the same path – and been successful at it too. At home, you’re often in your own bubble and it can be incredibly insightful, to have someone to brainstorm ideas with. And let’s face it, sometimes you just need someone to remind you to JFDI, if you want to expand that comfort zone!

Mindset if a funny thing. When you’re up and running, confident in your abilities and direction, it can be one of the simplest things to maintain. However, when the mind monkeys are already there, it can be one of the hardest things to overcome. By giving yourself the space and time to implement the above advice, you’ll find it much easier to dispel those mind monkeys and get your confidence, motivation and focus back on track!