The VA Membership is a group coaching program, designed to give you an affordable way of getting the support you need, when you need it. When you work on your own, it can get lonely, but it can also be frustrating too – especially when you’re stuck on something or need advice.

There will be times when you’re quite happy working solo at home. After all, you’re capable of running your VA business by yourself. However, a successful VA business is one where you have access to additional training when needed, support and advice, if you need answers, as well as the tools you need to work ON your VA business, to make improvements and to grow it.

This is where the VA Membership comes in. You have access to a supportive community, plus you can get to work with a VA mentor through that community, for when you need that extra help. So, if you’ve decided to join the VA Membership Group – how can you make the most of the opportunities it provides?

#1: Decide to show up to the live monthly VA Membership training webinars

Each month there are live training webinars and calls. Yes, they are recorded and uploaded for you to access later, but turning up live, gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered.

#2: Commit to putting in the action

In the bonus section you’ll find audios, checklists and workbooks. However, unless you commit to going through the material, listening to the webinars and putting in the action, those workbooks, calls and bonus materials are useless to your business.

#3: Set aside time for your business growth

Listening to the recordings, working through the action steps or catching up on notifications in the group are all essential tasks, if you want your business to grow. It’s therefore important, for you to set aside time to both go through the tasks and implement the steps, if you want to benefit from them. If you want your business to grow, you’ll make sure to set aside the time.

#4: Be an active member of the support group

A supportive community is a crucial part of what makes the VA Membership special. This private support group is your go-to place for getting answers and advice, so make sure you’re asking for both! However, if you want to build a supportive environment, you need to also provide support to others – and you need to be visible in the group. Become an active member of the group, and you’ll not only get the answers you need, you’ll also be there to support others, when needed.

#5: Forge new friendships and connections

Growing your business isn’t just about getting answers or advice, when needed.  What makes the VA Membership Group special is the friendships and connections you make. It’s these connections that make your business and will ultimately help it grow.

When you join the VA Membership group, you’re investing to get the advice and help you need and to make the very most of your business. By following the five tips above, you’ll ensure you’re making the most of the opportunity you’ve invested in and, together we can ensure you and your VA business are awesome!

The VA Membership is an affordable way to get support and advice to grow your VA business. If you’d like to explore more of what the group offers, you can check out the details here.  To put it into context, it is the equivalent of spending £1.58 per day on your business and personal professional development.  I think you are worth that – do you?

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