Guest Blog: How to have more energy and focus better by Mira Rutter

Today, we have a Guest Blog from our Guest Expert Mira Rutter.  Mira works with driven women who love running their established business but struggle to find balance in their life so are burning out. They’re overwhelmed and losing sleep over having too much to do with never a moment to themselves, and yet feel guilty for not being there enough for their family and friends. Through a combination of coaching and strategy, she helps them structure their lives to create the freedom they crave, have time and energy for themselves, their hobbies, and the people they care about while having a successful business.  

As a Virtual Assistant, you have a triple whammy – you have a big pile of client work, you are also managing your own business and on top of that, you’re juggling various demands from your personal life.

You already know that managing your time effectively is highly important so that you can deliver the high-quality work that you want to provide for your clients, on time.

The impacts of lacking energy

But let’s face it, we all have those hours or even days when we’re not feeling at our best. You know those times when you find it hard to focus. You aren’t getting things done as fast as you’d like to. The day drags on. You end up working till late at night. You wake up feeling tired. And it all repeats again… and before you know it, it has turned into a vicious cycle.

That’s totally normal because you’re spinning so many plates all the time and you’re diligently focusing on prioritising your client work, your business, your family… and then you have no time or energy left for yourself.

You’ve probably heard the old adage ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup and you know it’s true but feel like there is not much you can do about it.

The limitations of managing your time

Managing your time can only go so far, because even if you have immaculately planned your day, if you are feeling totally drained and can’t focus on the task at hand, you won’t be as productive as you’d planned to be.

You may even be feeling uneasy about charging your full hourly rate knowing you’re not working as efficiently or effectively as you can, or perhaps you may feel you should charge less for the time you spend on a task.

This is why, when I work with my clients, we don’t just cover how to manage their time more effectively, but also about how to manage their energy levels so that they can be on top form every day and throughout the whole day, avoiding slumps and lulls.

Why managing your energy is key

Why do I focus on energy with my clients? Well, our time is fixed. We all have the same 24hrs. Whereas when it comes to our energy levels, they can fluctuate.

Energy is about our capacity to work and achieve things in both our personal and in our professional life. There are people, events and things we do that drain our energy. On the flip side, there are various things that we can do to boost our energy levels.

How to manage your energy

What that means is there are two different ways to manage your energy levels. On the one hand, we can take actions to preserve our energy and on the other, we can take steps to generate more energy.

There are quick, simple and highly effective ways to make sure that you’re at your best throughout the day.

Here are just some of the things Mira can help you with:

  • The #1 roadblock affecting your ability to focus and how to get things done more effectively and quickly
  • Effective ways to preserve your precious energy
  • Vital habits to fuel you with energy so you can be at your best throughout the day, every day

Mira delivered a guest webinar for VACT on ‘How to have more energy and focus better’, where she showed us variety of easy to implement ways in which you can boost your energy levels straight away, and as a result drastically improve your focus and productivity, freeing up time and energy for whatever else is important to you.  This webinar has now gone into the VA Help Desk – VA Training Academy®.

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